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  1. Hi Dave,

    I have a few year older Trophy 1903CC as the one you sold.  In was hoping maybe you could offer some insight on the mounting of your downriggers?  

    Can I send you my # and possibly talk  

    Thank you Sir.


    1. tangledupinblue


      Sure you can call me 248 408 1704


  2. Thanks all. I have a call in to Traxtech but no reply yet. I should probably take a pic of the top rail and add that, might see what else the issues are. I found a few other forums that say the riggers will flex a bit on the gunnel's so support is a must. I have seen people use the HDPE white marine board as backer as well. Might try some of that if I can figure a way to get the stuff up in that area. That is the main issue.
  3. Thanks, I will ask them. I have looked under the gunnels and so far I only see the floatation foam. I definitely will need some form of backing under there. That's why I was hoping someone has set one of these up before and had some good ideas on how to put backers under there
  4. Hello All, A friend of mine turned me on to this site. Great site. My father and I have been fishing the Great Lakes for year and just upgraded to a new used boat for us. I attached the only pic I have of the back but I'm hoping someone has a similar boat and has ideas how to mount riggers and rod plates? We had 4 downrigger on old boat but we're probably only going with 2 on this one as we find ourselves using copper more now, and also on Erie more then Michigan Does anyone have any ideas or pics of mounting? And what's under the gunnels of this thing? I'm assuming marine plywood but hate to assume anything when it comes to drill bits. Thanks in advance Brian .
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