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  1. Thanks everyone. I guess I will just have to accept the noise and assume it is doing me some good.
  2. I have a noticeable hum or vibration coming from my downrigger wires. It makes my teeth hurt and, I suspect, it also irritates fish. I fish Lake Superior. Typically my downrigger weights are 100 ' to 150' below surface. I normally troll between 1.5 mph and 3 mph. Does this hum spook fish? If yes, how can I eliminate it?
  3. We still have 2 feet of snow in the Keweenaw woods so the rivers will run cold for another few weeks. The Eagle River is open but the lake ice begins at shore and extends out for miles. I have two day old reports of 36" of slush and ice on the Lake Superior bays between Eagle Harbor and Copper Harbor. Plan on eating canned tuna for a while.
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