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  1. Nice job on the fish and thanks for the report.
  2. Got to fish this morning on a friends boat and went 5 for 9. Fished 110 to 160 fow with 130 to 140 being the most productive for us with 4 fish in that range before 7:30. Then our last fish came in 160 fow. We had to land all our fish because the net was left behind at my buddys house. Got 5 fish to the boat and landed all 5 amazingly. We had four kings in the low to mid teens and then a nice steelhead. 3 hits on big lake lure uv spoon dont remember the name but it looks like a bloody nose down 51 on a rigger (2 kings) 2 hits on a full core with a white spin doctor and white fly (1 king) 3 hits on green spin doctor green fly on rigger 60 down (1 steelhead) 1 hit on big lake lure uv spoon same as above 85 down on a rigger (1 king)
  3. Thanks for giving me a good laugh this morning. We are both really excited.
  4. See we should all proof read our posts before we post them LOL. It should have been 12 weeks pregnant.
  5. Got set up around 9:45 and had our one and only hit in about 110 fow of water on a 200 copper with mixed veggie spoon. Fish made a couple nice runs but was never able to get it close enough to the boat to even get the board off before it came unhooked. Then the wife got sick but shouldn't have expected a long outing when taking the wife who is 12 months pregnant out fishing. We were back at the launch by 11 and while undergoing a free coastguard auxillary check heard some water dripping in the engine compartment. The water I believe is coming in one of the bellows. So we might be taking the rest of the year off and getting the boat fixed up next Spring. I know it sucks but I would rather be safe and have everything fixed up right than patch things up and have a major problem.
  6. Thanks for the report I am hoping to possibly get out again in the next couple weeks.
  7. Was finally able to get the boat out for its maiden voyage after a very packed scheduled spring. Got a late start but ended up going 2 for 2 from 8:15 to 10:15. First fish came on a braid mag dipsey set on 3 150 back with a 11 inch mountain dew flasher and green fly in 160 fow (7lb steelhead). The other fish came on a michael jackson spoon on a full core in 166 fow (5lb king). Pulled lines at 10:15 to try our luck perch fishing but probably should have stayed out trolling. Tried for perch out of PS first then ran to Holland a few boats fishing for them but didn't see a single perch caught. All in all a fun time out on the water and it felt good to be back out doing something I enjoy again.
  8. I stopped by Six street yesterday for about a half hr to kill some time. I saw one jump the dam and saw several others make attempts that fell way short. The fish ladder was fun to watch because there was a lot of fish making there way up. Saw lots of carp in the one corner with lampreys attach to the them.
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