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  1. do you still have them and where ya at??? cuz ill take em!! (buy them)
  2. will the dates be on the same as mscst tourney or different I would like to do both??
  3. shouldnt be too late they should be just starting, heard a few reports gettin males in the pier heads trolling so the run should be soon.
  4. keep in mind if you run them straight out the back depending on where you mount them to keep clearance from the prop, I also run an 18' and we got pretty close when we had a cross current to the prop so we run them off the side now!!
  5. Im still interested if ya get a list of stuff, I need oh just about everything, let me know
  6. Ill trade ya 4 deck of cards for your boat, At least ya had cold beer!!!
  7. West Michigan Fishing League, It rotates ports this year we had 3 tourneys out of port sheldon and 2 out of muskegon, good friendly fun tourney. and not high dollars. We have one more event out of muskegon the final one for the year on sept 11.
  8. If they are rigged up, I took a floaty noodle for the pool and cut it down to the size of my longest leader, then hook the hook in one end and take a tooth pick on an angle to hold the loop on the other end.
  9. that is it thank you I am not crazy !!!!!
  10. I thought I saw on here a chart someone made with all the spoon colors on it, so ya dont buy the same color ya already have. Anyone know where that is , or if I even saw it here?
  11. we covered alot of water sat evening, from 50' to 120' and in 90' and in the fish were stacked at 45'-70' (on the graph) but they had CMS closed mouth syndrome. We were 0 fer all night. At the launch didnt hear of anybody doin to well.
  12. sounds good yea I just bought a ton of snap swivels $5 for 10 of them, I was tyin one on each fly but I started thinkin I didnt see them on the other boats ive been on! Im goin through a trial and error period fishin!
  13. do you still get the same lure action with back to back swivels, the dodgers have a barrel swivel on the end of them too
  14. Do most of you use a swivel on the fly leader, so you can change dodger colors, or do you tie direct to the attractors swivel?
  15. still have the holders i am interested in the pair of multiset rod holders??
  16. heck yeah I do, thank you Where is st louis mi????
  17. Hey guys lookin for some help with equipment, I have 2 riggers and rods so far thats it I need everything else, wonderin if yall got some stuff ya dont need anymore, Not rich, but dont want it for free, unless you insist.. Just lookin for some good deals to get out on the water, thanxs. Brian
  18. junior have ya been out on the big water recently? How did ya do? Will I get another chance to go fishin with ya???

  19. this is opie, who ya got fishin with ya??

  20. are ya gonna go sat???

  21. the cabelas set up are nice rod and reel for 60 or so , not sure who makes them for cabelas but have used them with no problems.
  22. most of the time out of grand haven, went out of port sheldon once this year. Unfortunatly I dont have my own boat yet, I stress yet, so wherever my buddys are goin, if they need a tagalong im there..
  23. Hi all another newbie to the site. I like it so far everyone is very helpful and will tell ya anything, some forums you think your askin for there treasure map! Look forward to interacting with yall, have a good day. " A bad day fishing, is better than a good day workin"
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