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  1. i do the vaccum sealing, i was a water in the bag guy before that, I put them in a casserole dish with paper towel to dry them a little before sealing then seal them up, Then freeze or fridge, Also when i thaw the frozen fish i open the sealed bag and put a little water in the bag to moisten back up. I love the sealer best purchase ever from venison to fish to chicken or burger.... definatly worth it. And the thawing takes a half hour to 45 min in warm water vs. a day with the water bags.
  2. can we move that up to holland
  3. (provided) Big Lake Lures (provided) Big Weenie fly's I think it has to be on the lures they give ya!!!
  4. hmmmm one eyed one hooked blue green salmon sticker!!
  5. that is true and, any bad day fishing is better than a good day working
  6. Tried to get out yesterday morning, predicted 2-3 footers out of west. Actual 4-7 footers out of north west, got beat up for about 3 hours. Ran out to 90' of water fished tha out to 140' turned in to go with the waves, and fished to 70' no hits one wave release on the rigger, but nobody home then it tripped 3 times trying to reset the rigger. So rough day out there, but ya cant catch them from the couch...
  7. I think his name was downtime? He asked the same question twice and got answers on both, im guessing he deleted his post.....
  8. I was pickin on ya Ken after all the hits ya got in the last event with no fishys in the net... Yes 2nd sucks will be in.
  9. 8 hits huh, did ya land any of them.. teee heeeee
  10. also before ya set the lure, throw it over the side and let it do its thing and watch it for a second or two and if need be adjust the speed.
  11. 2.6-2.8 sog on gps, sometimes faster and sometimes slower if you notice a current, into current go slower, and with current go faster. if ya hit a fish take note of speed at that direction and run that speed for a while.
  12. Had a georgeous day on the water with the "2nd Sucks" fishing team, the lake was flat as Ive ever seen it. Big thank you to Siver Streak Lures and Gale Force Tackle, as they supplied our teams with some lures to try. From Silver Streak we recieved Two lemonberry spoons, which look like a great color. Unfortunatly they did not trigger any fish for us. Gale Force Tackle also supplied two spoons, one a Purple demon, and the other Dr. Death, Also unfortunatly did not trigger any fish, but both colors look great. We simply headed out too deep, We started out in 150' of water and marked some good fish, no bites... Headed in got to 135' and the SWR with Mixed veggies went off on the rigger set 60 down. This hit 4 times, we landed 2 of them. 150 copper w green froggy spoon took a fish. Dipsey back 210 with blue chrome froggy spin doctor with glo fly, hit and lost a fish. So we were 3 for 6 on a beautiful day and with good people. Until the Next event.....
  13. Hey all I am looking to make some t shirts and sweatshirts for our fishing team. Looking for anybody that makes them or knows someone that is in screenprinting. I am up for that company to put there name on the shirt too, for a lil break on the price, Let me know if yall know anybody!! Thanxs, Brian
  14. Its out of the trollers bible thingy!!! Not the one from the package
  15. I have the chart for Luhr Jensen Dipsey w/ braid is that what your lookin for?
  16. ok thanks ill get an order together and get with ya
  17. no wonder, I think I always hear u on the radio and on this site in the reports I do want some I will look at the colors do ya do orders over internet or somethin or i will mail ya $$ then ya mail lures etc......
  18. Heard alot of guys doing well with these last year, are they a spoon , j plug , or different lure and where to find them??
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