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  1. Frank, should I ask how the US side has been??? LOL I'm guessing you are spanking them on every outing?
  2. Well fellas after a lot of trial and error (especially the error part!) I finally managed to box a decent salmon out of Huron! Started the day off doing the morning troll without even a knock off!! Went back at it for the evening fish and started with a nice little laker (4lb) reset the line and BAM!!! What a tonne of fun catching these fish! Admittedly I have been a pickeral guy fishing Erie but have been trying for a couple of years to make something happen out of Goderich and my patience was rewarded!!! I only had my cheap spring scale with me but he came in just shy of 13 lbs! I was marking a lot of bait balls and starting to see some decent hooks on the Lowarnce so it looks like we may be in for a good run on the salmon! I will be back at it again Saturday!!
  3. Hello all, just wondering if I can get some sort of report for the Ontario side of Huron? I am planning a trip to Goderich this weekend and wondering if anyone has any type of report for me? I am willing to try Bayfield or Kincardine as well if the fish are there. I have been to Goderich about two weeks ago and boxed 4 nice bows but can't seem to locate the salmon or Eyes as yet. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Fins
  4. Thanks for the info guys! Appreciated. Been heading out of Goderich and doing fairly well. No monsters as yet but boxed a few in the 10 - 12 lb range. Also finding some very nice eating bows out there. I am told there are even some eyes swimming the waters so may target them tomorrow morning when I go out. Thanks again, Dennis
  5. Hello all, anyone been out of Goderich or Kincardine lately?? If the wind allows would like to make a run tomorrow. Last verbal report I had they where getting a few small salmon at the mouth in Goderich but I can't seem to get any info on Kincardine. Thanks, Dennis
  6. Thanks for the welcome Nailer. There are a few salmon over here on the Canadian side yes. They seem to have cycles,,, last three years have been declining rapidly until last year. Seemed to be a few good size fish caught out of Goderich. Now this spring so far they are catching quite a few 4 -6 lbers which is encouraging but even better the past spring the smelt where mounting a very good come back as well. So with the bait comes the fish!! I am expecting a decent year this year and perhaps a bumper year next! The brown trout fishing from around the nuclear plant (kincardine) this spring has been unreal!
  7. No Mike I have not fished the bay at all recently. Well when I was in my teens we used to go out of Owen Sound with my dad. I live smack dab in the middle of Southwestern Ontario so for me to go to Huron or Erie are almost the same so I have been fishing both of them.
  8. Hello all, just wanted to say what a great site! Congrats to all involved getting site up and keeping it going! I am planning on fishing Huron most of this year. Canadian side mainly for some salmon and some eyes. Have been a hard core Erie guy for a quite a few years but want to get into some salmon fishing. May need to call for some help or tips so hope you guys don't mind eh??
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