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  1. Im glad we could help Buster,thanks for the report!
  2. I agree! I have always used them whole and have had equal results compared to the strips!
  3. what are you doing

  4. Is calibrating the unit as difficult as the raymarine web site makes it out to be,im planning on starting installing one of these midweek. And putting it to use on the weekend.
  5. Great reply Ken! Couldnt have said it better myself.
  6. I was looking for whole frozen, I like to cut and brine them in the secret sauce:D
  7. Was wondering if anyone knew where you can find fresh herring on the west side of the state? Any help would be appreciated!!
  8. Started about straight out this morning - 75-95 ft north troll seemed to be the best ended up 2 for 7:mad:!! Just could not keep those suckers hooked up, fish were very scattered! Wondering if they got pushed out with the east winds?
  9. Made it out last night with my girlfriend for her first salmon trip, I set lines at 90 foot trolling west hit our first fish in 125', 69 down on the rigger tequilla sunrise lost that one:mad: Second fish came on the same set up in 135'lost that one:angry2: Started getting bumpy the futher out we went so I spun it around and headed for calmer seas, made it to 110' and started a south troll as soon as the lines got straightened out three rods fired off, 300'copper flounder pounder handed that one to my girlfriend, Dipsy back 150'set on 2 Lemon Ice I took that one, Rigger down 69 tequilla sunrise I loosened the drag and put that one back in the holder! Managed to land all three fish all kings in the 10' range! We continued on that same troll and picked up two more kings one on the tequilla sunrise 69' down and the other 70' down on mixed veggie, Wind kicked up and we headed in around 8:00. 110' was our best depth , Ended up 5 for 7!
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