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  1. If you decide to split the group. Might be interested in the 6 1oz dive bombers. Thanks in advance
  2. Just bought 4 for my flashers and 2 for my mag divers and 2 for my 00 divers from Amish Outfitters. To the house was under $40. They were like a canvas and has Velcro to hold them Tried them out and they work great. Very fast service. Call Frank at 1-800-473-1748 or go on line at amishoutfitters.com I bought a set of bags early in the year very well constructed.
  3. Would be interested in the rod trees if you will ship. Thanks in advance
  4. Due to wife's poor health I got rid of everything and had to down size. Fished out of a friends boat for a number of years and now I'm back to fishing out of my boat. The only good part is I got to buy everything I really want not what I could afford while raising a family and all the fun stuff that makes life worth while. Millertime2016 Moby Dick was a minnow when I started fishing. I am old. Going to be 70 soon. Don't get out as much and if NOAA says anything in the 2 to 3 ft. waves. Tomorrows another day.
  5. almost every trip since 1985. Sure see different trends and ways to fish
  6. I prefer Okuma but it's a ford or chev question. There all good
  7. I just got a text from them. They told me that the dive chart is about done for the 7 oz slide diver
  8. yup. That's a skunk in my boat. You didn't land a fish that's a 0/1.
  9. I agree. Worth the money. A lot of new information.
  10. The 2 Okuma roller rods are a $100 each or for the both of them. What would the shipping be to zip code 53095
  11. With my chamberlain release above the ball and pinch pad releases on the fin of the ball.
  12. Danthebuilder What I did was when I had the boat out of the garage I put a rod in the rod holder set it like I was fishing with the downrigger ball on. I set the chamberlain tension from the rod to the release and than from the release to the lure. All done in the driveway. Been using them for about 3 years. Blacks are great but chamberlain are the next step up.
  13. Need more boxes to store flashers and dodgers on edge. I went to buy some until I seen they were $29.99. Way over priced. I know some of you guys make your own. Can anybody tell me what they use on the bottom of the box that you slit so they stay on edge. Thanks in advance.
  14. Rigged my new crestliner last year. Greatest thing next to fishing. Go Packers The Brewers suck
  15. I'm with Ryan. Switch to Chamberlains. There great. I have me rod holders on my DR at a 45 degree angle and have the rod tips in the water.
  16. :no:Frank there is a guy on the GLA site that is looking for some Okuma 25
  17. Try Amazon they have them for about $85 and free shipping and no tax.
  18. HA HA. Good one Albogaster You have to much time on your hands but it would be my first lure in the water all summer. It would be a winner.
  19. I switched to a Chaimbrlin from a Blacks. With the duel tension release I can set so light that a minnow will trip it. With the pole set so tight that the tip is in the water. Have not had a shaker drown since I switched.
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