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  1. Convectors all the way. Can't beat the price and a very solid reel.
  2. If you take care of your equipment you won't have problems. It called preventative maintence. If you unscrew the booms and lubricate the booms once you won't have problems with corrosion. No matter what you pay for equipment if you take care of it. It will last forever. I use #10 & #12 lb round coated weights
  3. If you take care of you equipment it will last forever other wise you will have problems no mater what you buy. It's called preventative maintence ???? I use #10 and #12 lb balls
  4. Had my BJ for about 8 years with NO issues at all. Would buy again but next time they will be electric. Wondering why you are going with the gadabout instead of the captains pac. There's alot of used captains pac's for about the same price as the new gadabout? I run them as my corners, next out to the side dipsey, and than boards for a 6 rod set up.
  5. I use the Moonshine lures that glow Blue. There is a big difference in how bright they glow. The blue only glow slightly compared to the regular glow Moonshine.
  6. Crestliner no rivets to start leaking. All Welded
  7. Hi, Boat doesn't go in until next week. Question is that the Moonshine lure did so great last year what are your guys favorite colors. Thanks in advance
  8. Alexa, Welcome. If you let us know what port you will be fishing out of you and your husband may have more help than you think? This is a great site for information and help.
  9. Bought a new Blue Diamond roller rod on Great Lakes Angler swap meet for $40 and it works just fine. Birthday or Christmas ask for gift certificates at your favorite sports shop and you can upgrade or add another rod? Good Luck
  10. What He Said. Yep. Cheddar fly in Blue and copper.
  11. 000 red or 000 orange dodgers. Best coho fly for me is the cheddar fly in blue and copper color
  12. To much advertising not enough fishing. Get Dan Keatings DVD's
  13. Dave been married 43 years and I always get the last word in. Yes dear that all I need. And she always say, are you sure. {see were this is going}
  14. Welcome John. Alot of great people on this site. I fish out of Sheboygan
  15. Moonshine Glow Bloody Nose, The spoon and the plug.
  16. I agree with prioity1. Its a death wish if you get in my way? At my age its like the first time I caught a salmon back when Moby dick was a minnow.
  17. If you have some extra bucks get both Dan Keatings books and or his DVD's. They will help alot.
  18. Welcome Tim, I agree with jonmarvin. Nothing starts a year off on the wrong foot is bad line when your out on the lake. Go to the launch and talk to the guys when they come in. Never seen a fisherman that didn't want to talk about fishing. Join a club in your area. Good Luck and a very nice rig.
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