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  1. THANKS. Just found this site a few days ago. Its great. Thanks for the GREAT WELCOME. I'm 64, married 43 years. 2 daughters and two grand daughters. Retired truck driver. Talk to you later.


  2. I'm 64 and if I wake up with pain I know that I made it thu the night alive. Retirement is great because you never have to take off of work to go to the doctor? Hope you start feeling better. I know it's no laughing matter. Good luck. Fishing season will be here soon. (I hope)
  3. Dave, New to the vertical rod trees. You said that yours are spring loaded. What brand are they? Thanks in advance.
  4. I have the same problem. Nothing major but does bug me. I run all Traxstech rod holders and I don't recall having a pin in the rod holder. Have to check in spring when the boat comes out of storage. Always wondered why the Okuma rod butt looked the way it does when you take off the caps. If I leave the caps on it won't fit in the rod holder. Never to old to learn.THANKS
  5. I called Dan and signed up tonight. Can't wait. Went to his Madison Wi seminar a couple of years ago and it was awsome. If your one of the first 100 to sign up you get a free year of Great Lake Angler mag.
  6. Thanks for the warm welcome. Boat is shrink wrapped and have to wait until spring to see if a 3 tree would be to high. Thinking of going with the 2 tree but nothing is in stone yet. Again THANKS Rick
  7. hammer time on the Traxstech tree whitch one did you go with 2-3-4. Also I'm new to the site how do you post a new post. Thanks in advance Rick
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