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  1. Very disappointing the rather are no new fishing reports from Superior lake north shore or even any places close to Duluth. I live 160 miles away from there, and would like to know if there are any salmon coming into area rivers and streams. At least before driving the whole distance to find out there are no fish coming in. Last reports, are over 5 years old, If I had my six pack captains license I would find it worth the drive to post information along the North shore. I guide walleyes in the Central Minnesota area, Buffalo area lakes. I fish lakes that are not under restrictions of keeping walleyes. My clients can keep the fish they catch, if they wish. Jiggin Jim's guide service.
  2. Sorry, The brochure pic don't show the boat you are selling. I'll pass at that rate. If you can not photo in inside of your own boat? It is not worth what you think it is. What seat all dried out, cracked up ? Does it look like a dirt bath? A real photo shows the truth about your boat.
  3. ????? no on-board pics? Is there a under cuddy? What does the herm look like?
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