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  1. Checking it out now......very nice except for the part that says W 20 kts friday!!
  2. We've got 2 buoys in Muskegon Lake that are in my path to the channel.....I have them marked on my GPS and know where they are at as a result. Always a good idea to have any known hazards marked on the GPS in case of low vis or heading in or out when dark.
  3. Killer pic with the boy and the steel! I'm sure that one was probably in the air coming off a rigger. I'll be out on Sunday - we need to get into them like you did as we have had minimal action so far - but it does sound like the salmon are finally here in decent numbers. Sounds like you had plenty of action for starting late......we need to get into them during low light mode as I've only had one on what I would consider "early" which we lost at the net.
  4. We had a 10# coho that was 28-29" that was just a fat hog last weekend. Yours looks like his bigger brother. I just had it on the smoker last night and it looked great. I'm getting the fishing jones and need to get back out there - probably Sun AM as Sat AM weather is looking iffy. In today's mail I'm getting 2 new AceHi Green glow splatterbacks from Lake MI Angler which will be getting wet next time out. FYI cohos loose their scales pretty easy and also the steel have spots all over their tails - cohos only a few on top of the tail.
  5. Dispies definatley take lots of abuse and require solid holders.
  6. FYI - 31" is a master angler Coho.......I think that was 31" or more. No more weight requirement - only length. Yrs ago we got a 17 lb coho and cut it up having no idea about master angler size (was 12# then). Then I got a 12.25# one next trip. We also broke off a big master angler ho that someone else picked up along with our green scaley J plug. Sounds like lots of potential to get master angler kings (39") and hos out there this year.
  7. Over the years I was breaking off 30 lb stock fly leaders then i went to 50 lb ande mono or 50 lb fluoro for my dispy leads. The lightest I run elsewhere is 25 lb fluoro leads on my core rigs (as the core is 27 and backing is 30 superline or 30 mono) so if something breaks it will be the leader. With the big ones out there we will find out where our weakest links are......
  8. Ahhh so you had the "puker"......we went 2-2 also with 10 lb fat coho and a steel that was in the 9 lb range. Unfortunately Sunday was a 0-4 with a 5 color screamer breakoff (knot from core to leader failed - 25 lb fluoro) with a green splatterback Ace Hi on it. Bad start to the day and all shakes or knockoffs after that. First and hopefully last skunk this year.
  9. Trav - get a hold of Bill at Shoreline Service (Muskegon) as he is one of hte original Cannon Service Centers......he will have parts and will make sure if there is some other problem that is causing the cracked clutch pads that it is taken care of. 231 759 8352 It will be best if you can bring the rigger to him. He is at the corner of Lakeshore Drive and McCracken in Muskegon. Building looks like an old gas station and is a plain looking building. Bill will take care of you.
  10. Oh, by the way we were up on the Betsie over the holiday and there were quite a few fish in the river up by US31. Had someone comment that there were fish at the dam, throughout the system and in Betsie Bay at that time.
  11. We fished Mkg Sunday and there were fish in the arms, channel, outside and in Mkg Lake and there were several caught. Water was 52 surface and downright cold down 20 just outside of the mud. At times even in the arms the down temp was cold. We ended 1-3 loosing one at the net and another in mid fight spit the hooks. The one we boxed was a dark hen with white meat......she was past ready. We were 1-2 with our first pass in the breakwater before 7:30 and could only manage one more hit after that. We made a pass outside early in the dark with nothing to show and then went into the breakwater and basically stayed there and in the channel until we quit at 10:30 or so. Another note most all of the charters were right in there with us all morning. From what I have heard Sunday was the first real sign of a fair amount of fish showing up. Not sure what the S wind will do but at some point the mature ones have got to get moving and get upstream before its too late.
  12. You lost one - I just got a new one! I've been shifted from using the original flounder pounder that I got when the moonshines first came out and have been using mongolian beef and dancing anchovy alot. I was at Mik Lurch in Hammond IN this week and they are going out of business and had some Moonshines - I should have got some of the others, however I was not looking to get more spoons when I was there. I'm in need of a 14# ball for my probe rigger along with some more coated cable as my Cannon SNT probe likes to blow back alot when below 50 down. So if you are in the area go to Mik Lurch in Hammond - north of Cabelas on Indy Blvd on east side of road. They have J plugs, spoons, and various other stuff, but it is picked over.
  13. yrs ago we got a steelie on a full core that was hooked so that he came in with a wide open mouth. No fight, and he was basically drowned by the time we got him in. It was odd, but it is possible to drown a fish......
  14. FYI Coho will not have very many spots on the tail - only a few near the top edge. Steel will have lots of spots on the tail. Also note that coho scales usually come off quite a bit once they are boated. Either way nice fish!!
  15. I went to the site and found alot of very dated info and no results - must be looking at the wrong site. Anyone got a direct link to the results from the tourney? I have yet to get the boat wet due to too much other stuff (not much fun either) but would like to chase some kings soon. At least need to get out before the alewives come in and stop the bite - the usual June swoon. Was all of the king action deep and south or were there some catches up towards Muskegon (my port)?
  16. You would think.....that the Tournament Trail site and the GH tourney site would have results or a link to it....ya know?? Thanks guys!!
  17. Anybody seen results anywhere? I'm curious as to what the catch mix was? Any significant kings or all lakers and steel? No news seems to me to be bad news......anybody?
  18. What should be said is that there was plenty of bigger fish leftover in Oct for next year. I agree that most all spawners are 3 yrs old (low 20s and teens weight wise). However when you get the true hog (20s up to 30) those are 4 yr olds that were not spawners when they were 3. A few yrs back we had a mixed catch of mid to upper teens, 1 20# and one just shy of 30#. All were spawners. My guess (for what its worth) is that the big one was 4 and the others were 3.
  19. Make sure to adjust your rigger clutches so if and when you get into an immovable object you will not loose your riggers and damage your boat or heaven forbid take on water. We got into a marked net a long time ago and after we cut a cable I made sure to adjust the clutches (I have electric cannons). BTW that is an area that has nets all season. They are out there and unfortunately sounds like some are not marked. Also note that there have been some abandoned moving around so be vigalent and make sure you have good sharp wire cutters available.
  20. We marked stuff right up high and it seemed to be weeds coming out from the east wind or spiney water fleas that were sub surface. Occasionally marked fish 15 to 25 ft down but could not get any to hit (last 2 weekends).
  21. no those are not indian nets - there is at lease one local commercial guy (maybe 2) that have run out of muskegon for all or most of the 20 yrs I have been chasing silver fish out there. They pretty much are in the same areas so mark them on your GPS when you see them and always be on the lookout once you get past 85 FOW or so.
  22. 30# backer minimum. I run a variety of backer line types and have spliced in a section of 30# Ande mono to pinch the release off from (walleye boards). I second the rubber band trick except I use 2 rubber bands in case one breaks. Over time the bands will need to be replaced as they deteriorate with exposure. I set mine to release because it is very much a pain to fight a fish with a deep sixed board. 27# leadcore with 25# fluoro leaders. That way if there is a breakoff it should be in the leader - not the core and not the backing. If you use mono only for the releases then they should not wear or slip. I used superlines before and now need to replace my release clips. Good luck - they catch fish for sure!!
  23. there is a whole lot of buoys to check Ludington 90 FOW http://uglos.mtu.edu/station_page.php?station=45024 Muskegon 76 FOW http://www.glerl.noaa.gov/res/recon/station-mkg.html N LK MI Buoy http://www.ndbc.noaa.gov/station_page.php?station=45002 S LK MI Buoy http://www.ndbc.noaa.gov/station_page.php?station=45007 Holland Buoy (This is the one I think got hit) http://uglos.mtu.edu/station_page.php?station=45029 Also satellite temps when clear (if it shows black then temos are no good, if it shows grey then temps may or may not be correct - white view is clear and is most accurate). http://www.coastwatch.msu.edu/michigan/m41.html
  24. we were out and had lines down in 70FOW at 6:05 AM. Got a greeser on a 8 color mongolian beef - changed that spoon, and moved out to 150. Foggy as you said, we pulled at 9:15 after the ferry went in (we could hear him motoring by to our north - no visual). Had a coho shaker on the probe rigger when we pulled them. So we ended 2 for 1 (haha) - with the greaseball sent back. My sending unit / fuel gage on my gas tank is all over the place, so I was unsure of how much gas I had. When trolling it read 1/4 or less. Then when running in almost full. Then going through the channel from 1/4 to full to almost empty. Guess now I need to keep her full each trip. Only problem there is when it is filled completely - it overfills out of the vent. I know on my big 4 winns I'd take about 1/3 tank per trip. Still working to figure out the 75HP Mercury Outboard on consumption per trip. Next time out I'll do the top fill, then another top fill after the trip.
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