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  1. Cool to hear your custom purple continues to box eyes!
  2. thanks for the replies, all. this site rocks, and I have enjoyed it over the years.
  3. The bugs were the real challenge yesterday... Wow
  4. Its been a great spring on SagBay and the Saginaw River, with hundreds of keeper walleye coming to net and a great percentage of the fish going over 20". They aren't skinny, which I really like, and most have decent little guts on em! Most of my trips have been solo during the work week, a lot less hastle at the ramps and so on... Here is today's catch being the first pic, with some other trips over the last couple of weeks to boot: west side / 14 fow / spinner and meat, gold/red, 1 oz fishweights 18 behind the board today. Got blown off on this one:
  5. Good post, waterwolf- very informative and a great catch. Bridge
  6. Great job! The bay is more than remarkable this year.
  7. SBob one more item for consideration: I replace the dacron line the trebles are on with 30# Brown Fireline, which allows custom setback of the rear treble. In shallow, the finicky Kings seem to appreciate the stealth mode of the Fireline over the very visible dacron and I definitely get more hits.
  8. The kids having a great time is what counts! GJ
  9. Great report, Indybleck- I love fishing off of Alabaster, its been too long since I've been there. Please keep us posted though, As I'll be making a move with fishing to Tawas / Alabaster / Augres during my vacation at the end of the month!
  10. My favorite way to beat the heat- hit the Great Lakes! Still bouncing back and forth between Linwood and AuGres, having a blast at both ports. Today I was at bouy 1 & 2 for a few hours, Pink and Chartreuse harnesses 37 feet back on one ounce fishweights @ 1.5 MPH- NOT 40 feet back and NOT 34 feet back! A Cheeky Sod with walleye cheeks- my favorite part!
  11. I agree with adrenalin, a fantastic presentation for kings in shallow. I especialy like using glow J-Plugs pre-dawn starting in August when the kings consistently raid the shallows early in decent numbers. Once the sun gets up I put on different colors. I've also found that my catch rate is greatly amplified in the shallows by increasing lead length to 100 feet at night and 150+ during the daytime. With my small boat I run shallower than most captains can or are willing to go- but the kings are there.
  12. Great job 5- sounds like you and your dad got-r-done!
  13. Nice job on the fish, looks like a great father's day for you guys.
  14. Well done, P1 I'm working this weekend, and having withdrawals!
  15. Welcome Scott, and way to go with the fish!
  16. Great report, AB- Can't help but be excited about Those up and coming year classes of walleye!
  17. Great job adrenalin! I know the couple in the first pic had a blast.
  18. Yes sir, cheeks are where its at! I tell the others that they are chewy and somewhat strong with fishy flavor, but that I can't stand to let them go to waste. I pretty much have them left to myself.
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