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  1. Cool to hear your custom purple continues to box eyes!
  2. thanks for the replies, all. this site rocks, and I have enjoyed it over the years.
  3. The bugs were the real challenge yesterday... Wow
  4. Its been a great spring on SagBay and the Saginaw River, with hundreds of keeper walleye coming to net and a great percentage of the fish going over 20". They aren't skinny, which I really like, and most have decent little guts on em! Most of my trips have been solo during the work week, a lot less hastle at the ramps and so on... Here is today's catch being the first pic, with some other trips over the last couple of weeks to boot: west side / 14 fow / spinner and meat, gold/red, 1 oz fishweights 18 behind the board today. Got blown off on this one:
  5. Good post, waterwolf- very informative and a great catch. Bridge
  6. Great job! The bay is more than remarkable this year.
  7. SBob one more item for consideration: I replace the dacron line the trebles are on with 30# Brown Fireline, which allows custom setback of the rear treble. In shallow, the finicky Kings seem to appreciate the stealth mode of the Fireline over the very visible dacron and I definitely get more hits.
  8. The kids having a great time is what counts! GJ
  9. Great report, Indybleck- I love fishing off of Alabaster, its been too long since I've been there. Please keep us posted though, As I'll be making a move with fishing to Tawas / Alabaster / Augres during my vacation at the end of the month!
  10. My favorite way to beat the heat- hit the Great Lakes! Still bouncing back and forth between Linwood and AuGres, having a blast at both ports. Today I was at bouy 1 & 2 for a few hours, Pink and Chartreuse harnesses 37 feet back on one ounce fishweights @ 1.5 MPH- NOT 40 feet back and NOT 34 feet back! A Cheeky Sod with walleye cheeks- my favorite part!
  11. I agree with adrenalin, a fantastic presentation for kings in shallow. I especialy like using glow J-Plugs pre-dawn starting in August when the kings consistently raid the shallows early in decent numbers. Once the sun gets up I put on different colors. I've also found that my catch rate is greatly amplified in the shallows by increasing lead length to 100 feet at night and 150+ during the daytime. With my small boat I run shallower than most captains can or are willing to go- but the kings are there.
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