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  1. Funny pic, bet you weren't laughing when it happened though. Thanks for the report.
  2. Not sure how to edit the post to add pictures so I will put them here.
  3. Sunscreen seems to help for an hour or two. Like Thomas said, be sure to keep it off your gear though.
  4. Friday night it was me and a friend and we went 8/11. Fished 100 to 130 fow. All kings between 8 and 10 lbs. Magnum UV blue dolphin took 3 on rigger down 70. UV spin doctor and fly took 1 down 85 on rigger. UV spin doctor and fly took 1 on dipsey 200 back Large mtn dew spin doctor and fly took 1 on dipsey 180 back 10 color with MI stinger Nitro Shockwave took 1 200 copper Moonshine flounder pounder took 1. Saturday night I went out with my wife and kids and her friend's family. We fished basically the same water and setup going 5 for 11. The first 3 fish were about the same size as Friday night but the last 2 were about 15 lbs. We lost a couple more that looked pretty decent too. 10 color took 1 Dipsey and mt dew spin doctor took 1 Blue Chilly Willy Mag on dipsey 200 back took 2 UV blue dolphin mag took 1 Wish we could have taken more fish on the second day, but I guess it wasn't too bad with 2 newbies and 4 kids ages 2-6 running around. Overall 2 great, calm nights on the water. The flies did not seem as bad on Saturday.
  5. Nice job, it was similar to that for us last night out of Saugatuck. That laker was piggin out!
  6. Got my second limit ever and first 20 lb fish ever tonight out of Saugatuck. We went 10 for 12 from 5:30 to 7:30. After losing the cooler on the way out and making four passes to get it in the boat, we setup in 120 fow heading sw. Our best troll was east and west between 120 and 140. UV spindoctors took fish on the dipsey back 200 and on the rigger at 90. A mag green glow tiger silverstreak took 3 fish on the dipsey at 200 also. The 200 copper took the 21lb king on a green mag flounder pounder. We also had a few on the 10 color with a shockwave yellow glow spoon. My friend and I had a blast out there tonight, it was nice to come back from an evening trip and there still be daylight. http://sphotos.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/551847_426673367357986_100000459805889_1432925_1966451489_n.jpg
  7. Nice job Mark, I am happy when everyone gets a chance to reel in one or two.
  8. Fished the pierheads Saturday night from 7-8:30 with my wife and 2 boys. We got a Brown just after clearing the piers on a large white paddle and fly. We had a coho go on an ET on the downrigger and then later my wife reeled in a nice Sheepie. Our first one on Lake MI. The highlight of the night for the boys was not catching fish but the Brown Trout yacking up 4 baitfish while I took out the hook. Sunday morning I went out with a buddy and we tried the piers again first thing. We got a nice 17lb king in the first few minutes on a UV flasher fly off the dipsey and then nothing for the next hour and a half. We packed up and headed out to 130 and got a 13lb king on an ET 70 down on the rigger. We then got 3 cohos on a 10 color with a Shockwave spoon and finished the day with a double on Kings. One on a flounder pounder on the 200 copper and another on a green moonshine spoon on the dipsey 180 back.
  9. Fished from 5:30 to 9:00pm going 8 for 9 (6 Kings and 2 cohos). 160-200 fow. Had 4 on ET spoon 70 and 100 down on the downriggers. Had one on 200 copper with Mag Flounder Pounder. Had one on dipsey at 160 back with Mag Glow Green Tiger Had 2 and missed a big one on the dispey with a uv spin doctor, pickled sunshine fly. 170 to 185 fow on a northwest troll seemed the best, but with the huge rollers it was hard to control the boat.
  10. Jack, I have mine slipped in Douglas, but I put it in this year next to the Keewatin. They are dredging the area from the end of the Keewatin's dock to past tower marina. If you go a straight shot over from the Keewatin to Tower and then follow the west end of Kalamazoo Lake until you get to the river, you "should" be fine. Hopefully that made some sense. Otherwise, you could try downtown by the Star of Saugatuck. I busted my skeg when pulling my boat last fall at Schultz park by the freeway, so I won't recommend that one now.
  11. Fished from 5-8 pm in 160 to 180 fow. Went 11 for 14. 10 kings 1 coho 5 came on ET spoon 70 down on rigger 3 on ET spoon - dipsey set at 2 170 out 1 on 200 copper moonshine flounder pounder 1 on ten color mixed veggies 1 fish taken 1 miss and one break off on rigger uv spin doctor 80 ft down Finally after 2 years on the Big lake, I got a limit. (Excluding cohos in St Joe)
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