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  1. Ive been using a Canon PowerShot SX110 for the last year. I like the video feature. Id like to upgrade to a Nikon D90. The samsung nx10 looks good too, too many choices.
  2. A couple months to go boys, eh? Until then, we just dream dont we? Seeya later. Gordy
  3. Hi guys, havent checked in for quite a while. Thought Id post this pic of a Lake Ontario sunrise from last year. Hopefully the fishing will be better this year. Gordy
  4. Started at sunrise and trolled in 100 to 140 fow without any action. Worked into shallow water and our wire dipsy rigs started poppin. Lots and lots of bait and good size hooks around but few willing to bite. We landed 2 out of 5 hits. One took a herring strip and the other an A TOM MIK fly behind a Net Pen SD. Heres my buddy Wilf with his salmon and heres me with mine. Cant seem to get into the big ones for the derby, maybe next time.
  5. Wow, thats what I call action! 3 on at once- Ive never had that happen. Good job!
  6. Finally landed a decent King salmon this morning. It was a tough bite, alot of bait in the water in 90 to 100 ft. Clouds and clouds of bait with good size hooks in and around. Maybe too much bait as the fishing was very slow. Circled them, trolled through them, changed presentations, changed lures and could only get 2 rainbows between me and my fishing partner. We decided to call it quits as it was almost noon and as my buddy is bringing in lines my rigger finally fires. 20 pound king took a lot of line and we had to turn the boat to gain it back. It took a glow blue puke Michigan Stinger behind green 8 in Hot Spot flasher. Not the biggest fish in the lake, but Im happy. Jawbreaker out
  7. Hey Just Hook'n, June is a tough month over here too. No real pattern to the fish. Its been a cool spring and early summer. Better days ahead! Jawbeaker out.
  8. You Betcha! Whenever I take my little boat its rockin and rollin! Have very few fish so far this year because its mostly too rough on the weekends,but today we had the big boat and its calm seas- go figure!:no:
  9. Way to go jay d! 13 fish and no riggers! You got your program down.
  10. Got an invite from my regular fishin buddy to fish with him aboard his boat. We got a late start, started trolling at 7:30 am. Not much going on. No suspended fish on the screen, no bait marked. In 180 fow my wire dipsey fires. A small chinook landed. Half an hour later my rigger fires, nice king landed- mid teens. 10 minutes later the rigger pops again, another small chinook. After that, things got real sloooooow. My buddy Wilf wants to try for rainbows at his secret spot. So we pull the lines fire up the Etec and blast off to the other side of the bay. Set out the lines and with in 10 min hes got his bow. Hot lures for us were Mag Mich Stingers in mongoose, glow puke and copper Salmon were 55-65 feet down. The bow was caught with the copper stinger behind a #20 jet diver.
  11. Way to go spoonmaster! Nice photos, thanks for the detailed report.
  12. Nice photos. Looks like you guys had some fun! Great report on what lures are working.
  13. Fishing is a universal language. There would be a lot less conflict in the world if people would just chill out , take a boat ride on a beautiful day and wet a line!
  14. correct Frank, ryba=fish rybee, is plural, anyway, those were interesting looking spoons and and I remember seeing something similar in shape called a doctor spoon I think. So many lures , so little time.
  15. Huh? Whats that? Russia you say! Ochen Horosho Anton! Ya govaryu po Rusky. Ya toze lublu lovit rybee. (very good Anton. I speak Russian. I also love fishing)
  16. Hey toanton, Ive never seen lures like that, with hooks on both ends. May I ask what they are called? Must be a Lake Michigan secret weapon. I wonder if I could find them here.
  17. Nailer! Thats an impressive picture. Now I know why your name is nailer. Good work.
  18. Fishsniffer! Sounds like you guys had a great day too! Good work.
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