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  1. Slow day. 2 bites, 1 landed. Got this small brown, no steelhead around today. Things usually pick up in Dec.
  2. Yes, digital scale showed 10 pounds 3 oz. the pic doesnt do justice to the fish, they look awesome in real life, heres some Quinte walleyes from 2 years ago that my buddies and I caught. and the last one is my best walleye - 12 and 1/2 pounds ,
  3. My annual trip to BoQ produced 1 fish. 10 pounds 3 oz
  4. Did a some trolling for walleye on the famous Bay of Quinte, Ont
  5. the full length video here (5 min) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLuToQX1_Po
  6. from this June/July http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OEUbm77FhU0
  7. Tried the south shore yesterday. What a beautiful day. At this time of year my favourite bait is the Kwikfish in size 13, Fickle Pickle color and it didnt disapoint. Got this 14 pounder on the 2nd pass by the harbour. The K13 also caught a brown, but it shook off right at the boat. A little later, caught a nice rainbow on a new lure I tried out Not givin up yet! Gordy
  8. Ya, thats what I thought. Ive saved it as my computer background picture
  9. Ha! Im not complaining, but Im always about 10 pounds short of a good derby entry. Oh well, thats fishin. The fish are very well fed this year and very strong.Maybe next time. Gordy
  10. Ya, a measly 23 pounds. Top 2 fish in the derby so far are both over 35! Im gonna try again, maybe tomorrow or next day.
  11. July 13, 2010 Tried the north shore for some kings, several very large ones have been caught there and Im looking for something to weigh in the derby. Well, it was not to be. Caught 3 chinook and the biggest was only 23 pounds Also caught 1 brown 1 coho 1 rainbow Lost 4 other fish. The coho took a Ludington Special MS on the wire dipsy rig. All other fish took a glow puke MS off the rigger behind a echip cop-car flasher. Gordy
  12. Things are heating up here in Lake Ontario. The weather is hot and the fishing is getting hotter. Went out today with a friend and our biggest chinook was over 26 pounds. Lots of bigger ones being reported lately. We also had numerous rainbows on the line , some coming to the boat and some jumping to freedom. A great morning with sunny skies and a flat calm lake. This fish was caught on a mirage fly behind a spin doctor on a wireline dipsy rod. Gordy
  13. Ya, I was wondering about if it was a splake, as far as I know, there are no splake in Lake Ontario. Heres another view. Notice the white on the leading and trailing edge of the pectoral fin. I dont see this in any lake trout/splake id pics. Now I wish I would have taken more close up pics of the tail.
  14. Congrats, thats a true trophy laker.
  15. Pike! Ha, thats a good one! Actually when I first saw it I thought I had a brook trout!
  16. Got this fish while fishing for lake trout. Never seen marks like this on a lake trout before.
  17. Salmon very unco-operative today. Lots of bait and good size hooks but no takers. My buddy got his first ever laker- 14.5 pounds on a spin n glow behind a small gang troll. I think hes happy! Gordy
  18. dont use it for trolling but I use 6 pound Ande for leaders when steelhead fishing in rivers. Its very good line for that as well.
  19. Ha, thats funny joel! Man, you crack me up! Glad you liked it. Seeya.
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