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  1. Again, thanks for the welcome. Im here to try to learn. The more people you listen to, the more things you can learn about salmon/trout fishing. Im hoping to get out on the lake this week to try some inshore trolling- the water is not warming up the way I hoped it would.
  2. Thanks for the welcome. My personal best is a 32 pound king, and no sadly I dont have a picture of it. It was a few years ago when the Toronto Star (newspaper) ran a derby on Lake Ontario. I was using a mooching reel in those days and boy did that fish peel line! Anyway, when I landed it I weighed it. In those days there were really big fish being entered in the derby and my 32 pounder wouldnt even make the top 10 for the week, so I quickly revived it and turned it loose.
  3. Im a trout and salmon troller but also like trolling Bay of Quinte for monster walleyes. Usually go for salmon and trout out of Bronte (Oakville, Ont) Hoping to learn a few more tricks from you guys. Good Day Eh! and Good Fishin!
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