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  1. Wow, what a BEAST! congrats!
  2. hey guys, checking in with my first Lake O report for 2012. Its been a slow start for the trolling season for me. Did a couple of shake down runs and the boat/motors working good but had some trouble with my tow vehicle. Ive been offered a good deal on a GMC 2500 HD, so I think Im gonna get that and retire the old Dakota:grin: Anyway, my first real trip was for some lakers, always a dependable fish. Did ok, landed 13/15, all off the rigger, all on a Plazma spoon and all just off the bottom in 80fow. Some salmon moving in around the area I fish so, next trip Ill be targeting kings and coho. A couple of pics from the laker hunt: Jawbreaker over and out:grin:
  3. Awesome , those things must fight like Heck!
  4. Hey guys, a couple of shots from the winter trout fishing on the mighty Niagara so far; I love this river:grin:
  5. Now that my lake fishing is done for the year, heres a few of my best shots from 2011
  6. Frank, I dont have speed indicator that reads that slow. I just watch the rod tip and make sure its got a steady thump and thats when I know its working the right speed. SUPERTRAMP, someday you should try Lake O Just Hook'n, the only photographer on my boat is me, and I aint no pro! LOL!
  7. just wanted to add some of my experience to this thread. I landed over 50 lakers this year, (plus another 20 my guests landed, yes I kept track) and except for 2 or 3 fish all bit on the large 000 size spin n glo. I have the smaller sizes too but they caught all sizes of fish , I was hoping to avoid the smaller sized trout by using the large spin n glo but it didnt matter. I usually pulled them behind a PM gang troll or a Grease Trap
  8. Didnt get to do a lot of salmon fishing this year, mostly trout but finally got out again yesterday for some trolling. Good action around the harbor mouth with K13 and K15 Kwikfish. The fish are dark , of course, but I still had a bit of fun. Largest salmon was in the 25 pound range, all released. Went out a little deeper and landed a couple of lakers to finnish off the day, released them as well Good fishin Gordy
  9. the last fish I caught on a torpedo diver (muskie size) was a 10poud walleye trolling in the Bay of Quinte , Ontario. It was the only fish of a two day trip, so it kinda saved my butt!
  10. Got out today and caught a few rainbows and salmon. Nothing over 15 pounds. All fish today and last time all came on the Michigan Stinger in Rosemarys Baby color. This has been a super hot lure for me this year. Some real big fish have been reported but I havent had anything over 15 pounds yet. Heres a pic of the hot spoon Good fishin Gordy
  11. just and update to the Buds Diver. I tried it today and caught some fish using it with mono line. I still want to try it with braid as well. As the line slides through it , you can make the leader as long as you want and it worked reasonably well, but if I trolled faster than 3 mph it would start to spin. I had the larger fin on, it does dive and it does pull to the side. Is it better than a slide diver or dipsy? I dont know. Maybe, maybe not. I can help you catch fish and is another tool to try if other methods dont produce. I will make another update after Ive used it more. Good fishin Gordy
  12. its what came in the pkg, I cant say how accurate it is, since I havent been out on the lake yet.
  13. heres the chart for anybody whos interested
  14. adrenalin, that laker was just over 18 pounds, not huge but my biggest so far. Hope I can get out on the lake soon, but, theres more snow on the way!
  15. love it! sort of a combined cast and blast!
  16. I enjoy your videos. I see your from Frankenmuth. Passed through there a few years ago. Only place I know where the speakers at the gas station blast polka music while your filling up! He he! Good fishin Gordy
  17. Finally, some love for the lake trout. Lots of guys are of the mentality that its a king or nothing. Well, I do target lakers quite often and with the right gear they are a dependable relatively easy , relaxing species to fish for. I love those flat calm days on the lake in June and July when the salmon dont cooperate and break out the laker gear. Its a relaxing sort of fishing. I really enjoy it. I used to travel out west on hunting trips at the end of Sept. and used to cross through the Michigan UP on my way. I always stopped at some of the fish markets along the way, smoked whitefish and lakers! My favourite fish. Mmmm good!
  18. a spin n glo behind a small PM gang troll with the cannon ball dragging bottom really slayed them for me last year. If you dont have a soft lake bottom, add a jumbo jet diver off a 2 or 3 foot dropper so it taps the bottom instead of the cannon ball to avoid snags
  19. You may be right Frank, huge guts on those fish. Way to go Daybreak!
  20. Awesome pics! Im wondering what strain of lakers they are, they look different than the ones we catch down on Lake O. Great post, I really enjoyed it.
  21. Merry Xmas to all my to all my Great Lakes Fisherman friends, and a happy lunker filled new year!
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