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  1. Hey! Good work GLF! Looks like you guys had some fun. Great pics and a real nice detailed report. Good Shootin.
  2. Hey Hey Guys, Those were the ones we landed, also lost a real monster laker at the boat. We caught them on spoons trolling near Port Dalhousie On. We were looking for kings but if I dont get any action from them, I switch to whats biting. I dont like getting skunked. We also landed 1 of the 3 cohos we had on. They all bit on a chatterstick. And yes GLF, there is a season for lakers. Its closed Oct-Nov but the rest of the year they are legal. My best day fishing for lakers was on the mouth of the Niagara in Jan a couple of years ago. We boated 25 that day,drifting white tube jigs!
  3. Fishin with my cousin today. Here is Wilf with his greasers.
  4. Looks like you had a great time! I remember when my boy was that age, nothing better in the world than fishin with your kid. They are the future of the sport. Nice job and nice pictures.
  5. You got more guts than me nailer, I hate eating skunk!
  6. Hey GLF ! I dont have any experience with the stingfish, I use the kwikfish made by luhr jensen in the fickle pickle color. Have caught salmon using them off inline planers in Sept when the fish are cruising around harbour mouths. Another lure of the same type is the flatfish. They also make the new model flatfish- the M-2. It has a redesigned lip wich makes it dive to 20ft without the need for any added weights on the line.
  7. Thanks for your reply Paulywood. Like I said, didnt even have 1 strike on them last year, but who knows maybe this summer. Seems like I always put my favourites on and dont give the new stuff a chance.
  8. Rapalas and thin fins are always good choices for spring browns. Drag em off inline planer boards and try to find the warmest water available, even if its a little muddy. Good Luck!
  9. Ive tried this last summer but have not had any luck with it. Anybody out there catching fish with this thing?, its called a Jitterfly.
  10. I baought a couple of new body baits and a new digital camera. I thought it was time I entered the digital age. (Ive only had a computer since Xmas)
  11. Im with matt on this one. When Im targeting rainbows Ill use an orange or texas red diver with and orange spoon. If Im after salmon Ill use metallic green or glow if Im down deep. I guess when it comes to colors, use what you have faith in. If you believe in it, you will use it more and therefore it will be in the water more and you will get more hits on it- thats my theory anyway.
  12. Huh? What? You only bought ONE? I use something very similar and its really good for rainbows up high off boards. http://i635.photobucket.com/albums/uu75/gordymohr/IMG_0177_1.jpg
  13. Thats the funniest thing I ever did see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. That was very informative. I have never used these but after watching your video, I can think a few situations that they will fit into my program. Thanks for posting that.
  15. I must mention one further thing, my earlier comment about ZMAN lures, that should read "I have NO affiliation with them." I repeat Im not connected with ZMAN in any way other than as a consumer of their products. Thanks. Dont know how to edit-what a rookie!
  16. Oh, Adam Bomb , thanks for the comment, it made me chuckle.
  17. You are correct, Boltman, that salmon did have a lamprey scar. Unfortunately, Im seeing more and more of this on our salmon and trout here in Lake Ontario. I was considering taking that fish home to eat, but whenever I see a scar from lampreys it turns me off and I dont want to eat that fish. After so many years, you would think our respective governments would get serious about lampreys and the effect they have on our resources.
  18. I dont have an actual video camera. Im using a Canon 9megapixel PowerShot SX110. It has a video clip feature.It does pretty nice still shots and it was in my price range, but its not really meant for a lot of video shooting. Good enough for photobucket though! Hey Spoonmasster, thanks for your comment!
  19. Hey guys! That lure is a ZMAN Chatterstick. Its the first time Ive used it. Like I said in the video, Im trying it out on browns but I couldnt get any browns to cooperate. Check out zmanfishing.com- I have now affiliation with them. Yes, I recorded that myself, my fishing partner cancelled out on me the night before, and since the weather and winds were going to be favourable. I went by myself. What you see is the condensed version of the video. Photobucket only allows 100mb. My own long version is better because it shows more detail on the set-ups . Hope you guys get some useful info from this and thanks GLF on a great site.
  20. Alright, thats what I wanted! Gets the blood pumpin eh? How about that reel peel?And that was only a 12 pounder,you know they get a bit bigger over here on Lake O.
  21. Hey Guys, I can report that Ive bagged my first salmon of the 2009 season today. I went to Jordan Harbour Ont to try for brown trout wich are my favourite fish in the spring. The browns were very uncooperative today for me. Water temps were between 41-44F. About 2 o'clock it got overcast and 1 of my inline planer board setups got nailed. Boy it was fun to listen to the drag rip out again. Nice fish- king salmon about 12 pounds. Got him on a chatterbait. Also read on another site that somebody not far away got one as well, theyre Back!
  22. Hello! Yes, Ive used them and still have one that I use once in a while.They are great fun to use and you get a real good fight from the fish. Be careful because if you get a decent size fish on and he makes a run you can get your knuckles rapped- thats why they are called Knucklebusters!
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