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  1. i think 90% of the people on thie site would agree with me.there is no way you can consider the tekotas junk.i have owned most makes and models and the tekotas are the only one that make people say"wow thats the smoothest rest i have ever used" thats why everybody loves them for wire:thumb: i wonder if you set a pile of tekotas and a pile of whatever okuma on a table and told people they could have one free which pile would be gone first:rolleyes: i am not saying all the others brands are junk,they all make a decent reel these days.but to say the tekotas are junk,i stick to my original statement
  2. i think your buddy may have been drunk;)
  3. you dont have to buy the end caps when you buy the ciscos,they have set screws that come standard.that will save a few bucks too.
  4. you will like the ciscos,i just went and checked out my new boat today and they were installing my cisco tracks.heavy duty and they look good too.
  5. tony,i went with the garmin ghp-10 right around $3200 for my boat.i went with the garmin because of the shadow drive.congat on the new boat,those thompsons are built like a tank:thumb:
  6. yes he still has it, pretty sure he wants $1200.give frank a call
  7. cant waite to see pics of mine coming off the truck:thumb:
  8. i have had troll masters on my last 2 boats and will have it on my new boat too.i would not own a kicker without one.i would drill any holes in the controller.3m makes some heavey duty velco that i used on the last one.its not like the black furry strip that came with the troll master.it will actully hold:D cant coment on the controll king,never used one.
  9. yes you can,but it will cost you $200 plus in fuel.that hewescraft with the hondas will burn 1/4 of that and it can be trailered anywhere you want.you can also fish it year round,something that tiara can not do.
  10. welcome abourd frank.glad to see you made it here.hope we see the shop open in michigan soon.frank sells some really nice boats:thumb:
  11. thanks tony,space for them wont be a problem.lots of room for them on the hard top.
  12. i had otter boats on a different boat and they dont pull as hard as i want,the big belly in the line drove me nuts.i have read threds where guys are talking about adding another keel to them and they pull great.just not sure how they are doing it.i really like the bombers boards,with the adjustable rudder i think they would do exactly what i am looking for.now to find someone who could fab up something along that line.
  13. now thats what i am talkin about bomber:thumb:tony,i will have to stop by the shop and check out you boards.going to make or buy a set this winter if i can find something i like.thanks guys
  14. i love my z boards,all 10 of them:D i like the big boards early and late season for running flat lines along the beach.i think they spooke the browns a lot less than the inlines just didnt have a set on this boat.also i ordered a set of planer reels for the new boat so i now need big boards:lol:
  15. i am looking for a good set of big boards that will really pull out to the side.any body running the modified otterboats or 3 board setups?
  16. tony give me a call.i just got the wife to spend our 5th wedding anniversery at calumet marine looking at boats,going on a test ride and getting our order all set.we spent the whole day there. my program consists of a lot of begging,whinning,dinners,flowers and a lot of promises that i will stick too;)
  17. anyone on this site own or been on a lake assault boat? thinking about going to wi. to check them out against the hewscraft,they will go a little more custom than hewscraft will.looking for any feedback good or bad?
  18. with the full moon the bite has been at night,as soon as the sun pops up they are shutting down.we went 7 for 11 on sat night out of manistee with most of the hits in the top 35 fow and most were screamers.moonshnie highliner in standard size was the standout at 24 dwn on a rigger
  19. put my new stackers to the test yesterday.ran one with a mag spoon 200 dwn,worked great and still had plenty more tension adjustment to run a paddle i think:thumb:
  20. my raymarine does pretty good with the transom mount,now that i replaced the tranducer.it marks bottom at 35 mph over 800fow and marks fish 80 down on plane,so i guess i will probably not see much better performance but i do like the idea of no tranducer on the transom.
  21. i have a raymarine c-80 with the dsm 300 right now and love it.this will be the last boat i buy so i want to do it right:grin:
  22. thanks,thats something i had not thought of yet:thumb:
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