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  1. i have been running it for a couple of years and love it,i tie on a floro leader.i like it because it makes it easy to see,a big pluse when you have fish going in every direction.its cheep to .i use the cajun
  2. ridgeback rattlers work good we run 2 of them,there shape makes them dive deeper making for less blow back
  3. heres a picture of my boss and some steel
  4. man you are everywere

  5. sag bay is open a few boats getting out they are getting a few eyes on stickbaits the water is very dirty right now i will have a report some time this week if the weather cooperates
  6. it was our first trip out this year.1 steelhead ,1 brown,1 coho.felt great to get back on the water.
  7. this report is a little late but i figured my first post should be a report(just found this site)we fished sun the 15th we trolled from the piers to cook and back.th water was dirty all the way down.we managed to go 3 for 3,2 on challenger minnows(mettalic rainbow trout and clear minnow,f 13 vampire)100 to 125 bk.all fish were caught in 10 to 12 fow.2.2 mph.felt great to get on the water.the only problem area was from the dnr launch down to just after the first docks on that side.we had 2 fow under the boat(196 staecraft fishmaster) there was a lot of debrie floating around the piers
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