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  1. Did a quick search to see what sort of boat we are talking about. This is you right? I would think anything other than that whip antenna might be more trouble then anything. Maybe someone with a similar small boat willchime in with some ideas. -- Bud
  2. I'd recommend a permanent mount with a fixed antenna. You can probably get setup for under $200. No need for a separate battery. Listening they don't use that much power, only when transmitting. I have a basic standard horizon which I like for its fairly clear sounding speaker. There are a lot of inexpensive and good quality units available: http://www.boemarine.com/category/bb42629e-82be-497e-9e80-d5bebfdc48dd/vhf---fixed-mount?SO=PRICE_LOW_TO_HIGH -- Bud
  3. #1 is the one that will get you if you store the boat at your home in Indiana. Right? -- Bud
  4. arbogaster, Thanks very much for putting this together. I used it to put together a couple of copper reels. In my case, I think it over estimated the amount of line slightly. I was only able to fit about 90% capacity. Maybe because of the larger diameter of the copper throws it off a bit? Could also be the line counter I used - a Shakespeare that I never bothered to calibrate. Also, it works fine with OpenOffice/LibreOffice and Google Docs. -- Bud
  5. Just to throw some more confusion on this thread. I just opened a brand new Okuma CV30D to replace the drags and guess what - really nice carbon fiber drags. They were installed dry which is fine and some people prefer, but I greased mine and put it back together. Hard to beat this reel for $65. -- Bud
  6. Nailer, If you are asking me, I run my wire on CV30D's. That said, Tuna did about 4 of my Daiwa 47h reels that I use for short cores two years ago and I did go with the power handles and drag upgrades. Highly recommended and Tuna does great work. -- Bud EDIT: Never mind, by your other posts on this thread, I'm guessing your comment was directed to someone else
  7. I think the New Buffalo Harbor issue cleared itself after they received a grant to dredge. Last year, the harbor was a little tricky while they dredged it but navigable. If it is like last year, just be careful south of the bridge and stay closer to the docks rather than hanging a sharp right after you go under. Also, watch your depth at the mouth especially if there is a swell. Seems to be deeper near the outer wall. There was a report a couple of weeks ago from someone who got out and got a couple of coho. Let us know how you do. -- Bud
  8. It's been a while since I did my last wire lines but I'm pretty sure I just did electrical tape with an arbor knot (I know I direct tied somehow). But another recommendation is, the first time out, hook up a 1lb ball, let almost all of the line out and then reel it in again to get it on the spool properly. -- Bud http://www.animatedknots.com/arbor/index.php
  9. +1 - don't ever tell your spouse what anything costs either and have it shipped to the office... just saying...
  10. Thanks Tony, I'll check those as well. -- Bud
  11. PofC, I've run wire on some cheap Shimano TDR 7' rods for the past 3 seasons and for me they have worked well. At the end of last season, I did finally notice wear in the guide tips. I could throw the rods out and probably be ahead of the game but, sort of following what eyeful said, I am replacing the tips with Silicon Nitride tips. You can get these at places that sell rod building supplies (ie mudhole.com). That said, I'd love to have a couple of Tony's wireline rods! Have fun with the wire. You'll love it. -- Bud
  12. Black tape and an arbor knot (http://www.animatedknots.com/arbor/index.php) will work as will a base of mono. -- Bud
  13. You will need some cleaner to clean out the old grease -- Alan recommends CRC Carb Cleaner. I used Dawn dish soap and water after cleaning with that and then hit everything with compressed air to dry it. The soap and water bath was probably overkill. Also, the bearings in the CV45L I just did had the dust covers with the retainer clips which I only figured out after I pried the dust covers off with a sharp nail. (http://alantani.com/index.php?topic=13.0). I'm leaving the covers off mine. Also, I had a problem with the drags from Tom's as they were too thick. I called and they are aware of the problem and sending new washers. Easy call to make and they are making it right. You'll know if you have a problem when you put the drag stack back together and mount it to the side plate as it will bind up. There is a little note about sanding the metal washers and bending the tabs at the end of the Alan Tani tutorial but if you get the right drags, you shouldn't need to do that. Nope. -- Bud
  14. I think most people just spool on 1000' on a CV30D. I know that's what I did. First time out, hook a 1lb ball to it and run it all the way out. Somewhere there is a wire chart. I have one taped to the lid of one of my boxes. -- Bud
  15. Great video on Fish Doctor Charters website too: http://www.fishdoctorcharters.com/template.tpl?selector=video Note: The flash version seems to be cut off - the qucktime version is fine but takes a while to start... -- Bud
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