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Father's Day '08, Walnut Creek, PA

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3 generations of Cannons (me, my dad, and my little girl), my daughter's uncle Jimmy, and another buddy stepped on board the Storm on Sunday to celebrate father's day at a wonderful start time of 12:45 in the afternoon.

Fished from the "slide" to Trout Run with a steady but slow pick on the eyes. Several fish on slimer harnesses on braid divers on 3.5, 65 back, Several fish on Kevorkian (DW Hot Rod) WD w/ copper back on rigger tracing the bottom and most fish on firetiger Bangos and Storm Jr. T-stix off the skis. Managed 19 eyes from 12:45 to 6:45 with my daughter loving every minute of it and didn't even look remotely sea sick in varying sea conditions from less than 2s to some occasional 4s.


This is my daughter (Peanut/Paige) and her uncle Jimmy with 2 of her walleye limit on Father's Day.

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