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Lund tyee 1850 Downrigger set-up?

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Ok here ya go....:)

For a 17' Lund Fisherman this is what I have for to mount my riggers on.

First off you need to make up 4 base plates out of 1/2"X4"X6". You will have to use two of them for brakets to bolt them to your boat. (I made all my copies of from the walker mounting plates)

The other two will mount on top of your boat so you can bolt them together with your other two you have made.

This is how you will do it:


If you can see in this picture that I have one bracket underneath my boat where you will be mounting your board. Then you will add another mount on top of your boat and that is where you will mount your board to. Bolt both mounts together and and this will make it very strong for your rigger board.

Now you will have to get 2 walker 9" high risers to raise your board as shown in this picture below.


These walker risers will mount to your homemade base plates.

Now then you will have to make up 2 more brackets to bolt on top of your walker risers, so you can bolt your board together. These brackets are 1/2"X6"X7 3/4"

This picture here will show you the bracket that you will have to bolt to your risers then where your board will bolt on to your bracket.


If you can see to that my board is not a flat board and I am not for sure what they call this type of aircraft aluminum shape is. What you will have to do is take this picture in to a place where you like to buy some of this aircraft aluminum and ask them. But any ways my board is 83 1/4" long and is 7 3/4" wide.

The most important thing before mounting your board is to make sure you know that is where you are going to want to mount your board. You will be dring holes in your boat and they cannot be filled back in. Also before you bolt your board on your boat, Raise your motor up all the way so your motor will not hit your board when you have to raise it up. My clearence to my motor and board is 1/4" gap.

I sure wish that i lived closer to you so I can show you how it is in person but this is the best way that i know to help you out and hope it is enough. If you have anymore questions let me know and I will talk to you by phone.

Good luck,


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Way to Go!!! Excellent post with great pics! Now I just need to find someplace to pick up some aircraft aluminum... The new kicker will be put on next week, so I'm hoping to rig something up next weekend and be ready to be on the water when school ends in June (hopefully sooner as the coho are in Racine from what I hear).

I'll get some pics posted once she's "ship shape". Thanks again Caz - you da man!:clapping:


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