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  1. Way to Go!!! Excellent post with great pics! Now I just need to find someplace to pick up some aircraft aluminum... The new kicker will be put on next week, so I'm hoping to rig something up next weekend and be ready to be on the water when school ends in June (hopefully sooner as the coho are in Racine from what I hear). I'll get some pics posted once she's "ship shape". Thanks again Caz - you da man! Coach
  2. Anyone else have photos or do's and don't for rigging a 17'6" outboard deep V? Detailed pics would be greatly appreciated!
  3. New Member - First Post! (Great Site BTW) Caz - Could you give some details on the aluminum you used for your board? Location? Size/specs? Cost? I too have a Fisherman 1700 and would like to hit the big pond this spring/summer (I'll be fishing out of Milwaukee/Port Washington). Yours looks like it's set up for many hours of good times on the water - Any help would be MUCH APPRECIATED!!! Also, my GPS puck is located in the area of where I'd mount a board - any worries about interference??? Thanks to all for their input...Coach
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