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I have read the multidude of great stuff on this site regarding dipseys, leader lengths, line diameter etc, but have not heard any comments on the role of color in dipsey selection. Would you apply similar color selection criteria to the dipsey as to the spoon or fly? Was there any especially hot color in 07?


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Here is how I select dipsey colors:

Clear on the left.

Green on the right.

People debate on wether or not color matters. I just set up one color dipsey for each side. I'm not sure if the color of the diver matters, some people swear by black, others like glow. I just try to keep it simple.

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Dipsy color can be debated a lot and for along time. Some people use Orange/Red and Green Divers to represent the Port and Starboard sides of the boats. Others do this with Red and Green snubbers instead. People swear by Clear, Black, Glow, Green, and White/Crushed Glow. Personally, I won't use anything but a White/Crushed Glow Dipsy or a Metallic Green Dipsy.

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