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Ice Fishing in Cheq. Bay

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Hey all,

Just wondering if anyone has been out in Cheq. Bay in Ashland this winter.

A couple friends and I are heading there this Sunday and it looks like there should be nice weather. Forecast calls for 32 degrees! That's a lot better than the -28 below we had this morning:eek:

I'll post a report on Monday hopefully with some nice pics!

Here's hoping for a warm spring,


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Well, got out to Chequamegon Bay/Apostle Island area yesterday and went 0 for 0. Started in 10 to 60 ft of water for browns and then moved to 160 ft. of water for lakers. Great day to be out but nobody was catching anything. There was a creel survey official in the parking lot and the best catch of the day at 2:30pm was only 2 coho and a brown. That is pretty slow.

Now I know why I don't entirely enjoy ice fishing. So much work for so little reward...but it was better than sitting around the house all day!


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