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  1. Went out for 3 hours in the morning and went 4 for 4 with 3 kings and 1 coho. Pink was the ticket today taking 3 of the 4 fish and the other was off a 57 Chev. Depths varied from 8 feet to 40 fow. Speeds from 2.2 to 2.8 Here is the big fish of the day 25 inches and 5lbs. The other 3 fish were released (21 inch king, 15 inch king, and 17 inch coho). -Kevin-
  2. Hey ArcticTern I put in at Loonsfoot in Superior and find the biggest surface temp break I can find. Sometimes it's only 1.5 degrees but I focus my efforts on that break. Hey Leroy glad to hear from you. I'll probably fish the Jaws tourney if the weather cooperates. I only have an 18 footer and last year the water was too rough for my boat. I'll just cross my fingers! -Kevin-
  3. Nice fish! Really dark compared to my spring king. I bet it was pretty fun getting the scales out of the carpet! I have a big cup in my boat that I fill with lake water and wash scales/blood right off. Vinyl is the way to do it on the great lakes. I know some guys who switched from carpet to vinyl when the redid their floors. Maybe thats a road you want to go down when the time comes! -Kevin-
  4. Hey GLF, the pike was about 25 inches and on the south shore of Superior we catch one every now and then. Last year I caught the biggest fish of my life which was a pike right in the same spot I caught this one. 45 inches and 22 lbs. I also caught it by myself and that was quite a battle. About twice as difficult than the king. No pictures though as I released it and didn't want to keep it out of the water. It never left the net until I took it out to revive it. Beautiful fish though. I have vinyl flooring and most of the scales fell off in the cooler. I didn't take a picture of the king until the sun was in my face. Better pictures that way. You can see the inside of the boat below and another pic just for show. Thanks, -Kevin-
  5. Went out Saturday morning with 3 friends in Superior waters on the South Shore. Tried to find the warmest water possible which sometimes was in 35 feet and sometimes in 9 fow. Ended the morning going 6 for 7 with 4 kings, 1 coho, and 1 pike. Spoons were the hot ticket taking 5 of the 6 fish. The other fish came on a clown rapala. Big fish was a 24 inch 6lbs. king. All other kings were like the small king in the picture below. Took a solo evening run last night out of Loonsfoot landing and started in MN waters. 15 minutes into fishing I took this nice 29 inch 9 lbs king off a board and 57 chev. My biggest salmon to date (I've never fished lake MI yet!). Pretty interesting fight trying to control the boat, take off the board, and net the fish. Probably should get a reward for that but I'll take the king. Also took a 20 inch king off the same 57 chev in WI waters. Just keep looking for the warmest water possible and it seems to work. -Kevin-
  6. Got out yesterday for a bit of fishing off Park Point. Set lines at 9:30am and fished until 2:30pm. Ended the day going 3 for 3 (2 lakers 5lbs/8lbs and 1 coho 16 1/2 inches). Ran sticks off boards in 10 to 20 feet of water and water temps were 37 to 38 consistently. The two lakers were taken in the first 30 minutes in 40 degree pockets along shore. 57 Chev and Purple w/ black dots fastrac took the fish. The coho was dragging on a board when we picked up in 60 FOW on a Dave's Kaboom green back. Very nice to be out on the water and a beautiful day. -Kevin- Here is a picture of the 5 lbs laker with my friend Josh.
  7. Had high hopes for the day as the forecast was great and we ran far enough from the bay to get out of the muddy water. Lines were set and ready to catch fish at 10am. Water temps were 34.2 to 35.6 Ran sticks off boards and spoons off downriggers (15 and 25 down). Ended the day at 3pm going 1 for 1. The lone steelhead took a jointed crayfish shad rap that was pretty hot in Chequamegon Bay last fall. I'm pretty disappointed in the fish production as I marked lots of fish and tried all different types of baits, depths on the downriggers, leadcore, and slide divers. I changed speeds, did "S" turns and could not get anything going. I guess the only place to get any production this early in the season is out of Two Harbors or along South Shore/Park Point...if the water ever clears up. Nice day on the water and it went by pretty fast. -Kevin- Here is a picture of my good friend and neighbor Ron with the 23 inch Steelhead.
  8. Hey GLF, Usually this time of year is coho, lake trout, and a few scattered kings. I like targeting coho because they taste awesome and are right on the surface. We use mainly stick baits and dodger fly combos. The flys are like little peanut flys and they also work good on steelhead. When late May early June hits then we start getting some good steelhead action. Should be a good day tomorrow and I'm taking a video camera along to post a video in the video section of the site. Shu, you must have a security setting that is not allowing you to view the maps. This happens a lot to me at work with specific sites and I'm guessing that is what's happening to you. Maybe try it on your home computer? -Kevin-
  9. Hey Special X, I know a couple people who have been out of Two Harbors this year and have done decent on coho. I'm planning on taking this Thursday off of work and launching from Knife River. Check out this link and it will tell you the true story of the mudline from the blizzard. Look at the 4/14/08 picture: http://coastwatch.glerl.noaa.gov/modis/modis.cgi/modis?region=s&page=1 I'll let you know how Thursday goes. -Kevin-
  10. At first I went back and forth on this rant. 1. We should pay a road tax for boat gas since we are technically using the roads to trailer out boats to the launches. 2. Then again, our vehicles are using more gas to pull the trailers to the launch becuase of the heavy loads. So, In summary, no matter how you look at it gas prices are still way too damn high! -Kevin-
  11. Got out for the first time yesterday from 12noon to 3:30pm. The whole Duluth/Superior bay was brown with dirty water from the storm we had which blew in 50+ mph NE winds. Went 0/0 and the other boats I talked to also did not catch a thing. We ran inline planers with stickbaits, one rigger with a spoon, and one slide diver with a spoon. Lesson learned and the next time the lake is that muddy I'll be stopping off at the nearest pub to catch my "sliverbacks!" -Kevin-
  12. I have a Depth Raider and installed it exactly as the directions showed. One good tip is spraying the coated cable with armor all to prevent wear to the coating. Another tip is to place the probe on a rigger that will not be the deepest. Use it on a mid-range rigger so the chances of getting it caught on the bottom are minimal. It can always find a net though! -Kevin-
  13. I like everyone's opinions on this thread, and I'm glad we live in a country where we can actually HAVE an opinion/choice. The only thing I wish would change (other than Bush being president) is that all voters would look at each candidate's views on specific issues and not vote on a "republican" or "democrat" because of their title. My parents are the worst at this because they will pick a republican and vote for them no matter what their views. Maybe it's because they are dedicated Catholics and there are many parrallels between Catholics/republicans. This to me is not a good reason to vote for a candidate and I think a lot of people are just stuck in the rut of voting for the best republican or best democrat. At this point I am really undecided and I like everything about Obama except that he voted against english as the official US language. Hopefully whoever wins this most important position will make good choices based on what the American people want and not based on personal gain. -Kevin-
  14. This is a very interesting read. Who has watched Michael Moore's "Bowling for Columbine?" I wonder what Michael Moore would say about this information based on his views of gun control! Thought provoking to say the least. Shu...where did you find this? -Kevin-
  15. Thanks for the update. I was thinking that maybe there would be some netting boats to break up the ice at the Knife River launch. The ice breakers started breaking ice in Duluth harbor last Thursday and hopefully with some warm weather it'll all melt instead of just blow around in the wind. -Kevin-
  16. Any launches with open water on the N.Shore? Kife River, Two Harbors??? Special X...did you go looper fishing at all this winter? Looking to get out pretty soon when some launches open. -Kevin-
  17. I used the Traxtech system on my old boat and had the 12 inch tracks too. The 3 holes used for mounting are sufficient and it is recommended to have some sort of backing on the underside of the gunwale. I used 1/2 inch plywood and it worked great. Make sure you use locknuts too so the tracks won't shake loose when pounding over waves, etc. I mounted downriggers on mine and they worked really well. You'll like the track system and they're very versatile. -Kevin-
  18. Well, got out to Chequamegon Bay/Apostle Island area yesterday and went 0 for 0. Started in 10 to 60 ft of water for browns and then moved to 160 ft. of water for lakers. Great day to be out but nobody was catching anything. There was a creel survey official in the parking lot and the best catch of the day at 2:30pm was only 2 coho and a brown. That is pretty slow. Now I know why I don't entirely enjoy ice fishing. So much work for so little reward...but it was better than sitting around the house all day! -Kevin-
  19. Hey all, Just wondering if anyone has been out in Cheq. Bay in Ashland this winter. A couple friends and I are heading there this Sunday and it looks like there should be nice weather. Forecast calls for 32 degrees! That's a lot better than the -28 below we had this morning:eek: I'll post a report on Monday hopefully with some nice pics! Here's hoping for a warm spring, -Kevin-
  20. Well, yesterday turned out to be the last trip for my rig this year. We launched out of Garfield (Duluth, MN) because Loon's Foot (Superior, WI) was iced over pretty good. We ran out the Superior entry and down the shore a bit to Dutchman's Creek. Nothing happening down there so we picked up and moved right by the superior entry lighthouse. Ended up going 2 for 3 with 2 coho. Fish were taken on '57 Chev and a pink with black dots bomber. The other rip was off a leadcore down the chute on a red/white pro king. Here's Matt with a coho. -Kevin-
  21. Launched out of the Knife River at 10am with a strong SW wind. We decided to stay around the island for protection against the wind. Two board lines were set when we had a big rip on the inside board with a '57 Chev. The fish broke the line almost immediately when Matt picked up the rod. Pretty slow day otherwise and ended up going 2 for 3 with 2 small coho. The two coho were taken were off of a '57 Chev and a red/white pro king. Just a bit cold that morning! This was my last trip from the North Shore and I fished the South Shore yesterday. Check out my post on Lake Superior/Wisconsin for more of the same. Here's my friend Bob with the 2 coho. -Kevin-
  22. Great! I would like to know what is given back by the Native American community and where the funding comes from. I think it's important to know if the funding comes from a source such as licenses or if it is state funded. The reason I mentioned fishing clubs/organizations and not DNR is that fishing clubs donate their own time and money and the only payback is a good fishery (no paycheck). State and tribal DNR are making a paycheck. What more other than tribal DNR is offered to give back to North America's fisheries? -Kevin-
  23. These are some great pictures! Here is a pic of North Shore Superior along Minnesota (Knife River, MN). -Kevin-
  24. Intersting thread and I wonder if one of the adminstrators had something to do with this to get some people's minds working! Aside from the nets being in prime fishing locations, my concern about the nets is this: There are many fishing clubs/organizations nationwide that are dedicated to sustaining/improving fishing on many North American lakes and rivers including the great lakes. These clubs donate their time/money to give back to the lakes/streams in which they use for fishing/recreation. How many "Native American Netting Associations" are there in North America that dedicate their time/money to sustaining/improving their fisheries? It seems to me that there is a lot of "taking" going on and no giving back. -Kevin-
  25. I have all the basic tools, sparks plugs, fuses, and an emergency start kit (rope with handle for manually starts). The one tool that saved me a lot of trouble was my wire cutters! My rigger was hung up on a reef awhile back and I'm pretty glad my wire cutters were there. Not sure what would've happened. The wire could've broke, or my trolling board could have ripped off the boat. Just glad to replace the cable. -Kevin-
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