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[Sold]Raytheon 425 RC GPS/Chartplotter

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I have a Raytheon 425RC GPS/Chartplotter with the Navionics chip for sale. $300. [email protected]


Product Summary:

Compact Navigation

The Raychart 425 is the chartplotter of choice for boaters who want ease of use and pinpoint accuracy, but don't have a lot of console space. Equipped with a crisp 6' FSTN LCD display and support for Navionics Charts, the Raychart 425 provides tremendous detail and fits perfectly in any size console.

Standard Satellite Differential GPS

The Raychart 425 comes complete with the new, incredibly accurate Raystar 120 Satellite Differential/WAAS GPS sensor. Utilizing the WAAS Satellite Differential system the Raychart 425 delivers accuracy better then 3 meters.

Technical Specifications:


Display Type 6" FSTN LCD Mono,

4 gray scales, 4 levels backlighting, 16 levels contrast

Resolution 320 x 240, Portrait

Dimensions 184 x 168 x 75 mm (7.3" x 6.7" x 3")

Weight 0.75 kg (1.65 lb)

Waterproof U.S.C.G. CFR-46 Standard

CE Conforms to 89/336/EEC(EMC), EN 60945:1997

Interfaces x1 NMEA 0183, waypoint upload/download to/from a PC

Controls Six push button keys and trackpad

Languages French, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Dutch, Finnish, Danish and English

Chartplotter Features

Cartography Navionics Nav-Chart cartridges withSupport for Navionics Port Services and Tides and Currents

Presentation North up, Course up or Head up

Screen Functions Course deviation indicator, Bearing/distance indicator displays, Waypoint, Navigation displays

Waypoints 500 waypoints, 8 character names.

Routes 20 route plans of up to 50 waypoints per route

Track history 2000 track point memory

SmartRoute Enables the latest track to be converted to a route

Man Overboard (MOB) mode Mark placed. Range and bearing to MOB, time elapsed.

Alarms Arrival, cross track error, anchor drift, position fix loss

Power Requirements

Voltage 10.0 - 18.0 VDC, 12 VDC nominal

Power consumption 9.6W at 12VDC

Manufacturer: Raytheon Size: Mfgr's #: E32032

Weight: 8 Manufacturer's Site: Raytheon Marine Homepage

Not available for all items. Brochure/Factsheet (pdf file): Download

Not available for all items.

List Price: $ 900.00 Discount Price: $ 564.90

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