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Fished the first 2 hour or so with no bites in the 70 fow area.

Moved out to 90 fow and it got much better.

Ended up with 12 eyes, 2 lakers (released) and 1 steelhead.

Easily dropped another 7-8 fish....guys slow on the rods today.

Little bit of everything....5 color with a rainbow yo-zuri; watermelon

harness and a stinger scorpion monkey puke on the little slides

200-210 back; 185 on the wire, yeck watermelon and watermelon

harness. 10 color down the chute with a big hatchet blade. 60-70

rigs stinger purple parrot and gold watermelon and watermelon


1.7-1.8 at the ball.

9 degree temp break at 60 fow...very unusual for Erie.

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