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  1. Do you have a list of the colors? #1 choice is gold/black, but would be interested in others. Hate to say it, but not on here every day.... is there a way I can get the list via email? John
  2. Check out the diver holder on Calumet Marine site. Called the HS Die-Ver dock. I used them on my slide diver this year and they worked great! www.calumetmarine.com
  3. Actually looking for 1 unit. How old are these and why are you getting rid of them?


    [email protected]

  4. Pair of Perko Wishbones. Bought used but decided to do something different with my set up. Asking $500 including shipping to continental US. Willing to discuss. John
  5. If you don't want the riggers, triple holders, depth raider and HDS-7, I'll take $1200 off asking price.....
  6. This boat is still available and ready to fish! Couple of interior pics.
  7. For Sale: It is with mixed emotions that I have listed my Seaswirl. It's been a great boat, and done all I could have asked for. Having said that, I'm moving to a larger boat, so I have to list her. This is a drop in, ready to fish boat. Seriously just need to add your rods, reels, lures. It has about 3/4 tank of gas, and even has two coats of wax. 2005 2301 Seaswirl Striper walkaround. Bought new as a "leftover" in 2007 from Happy Days Boating in Port Clinton. 2011 Yamaha 4 stroke 225 hp outboard. Purchased new from Brobeil Marine in Buffalo in August, 2011. Has about 625 hours on it. 2007 Venture tandem axle bunk trailer. Purchased new from Happys Days with boat. Fully equipped, and ready to rock. Lowrance HDS 7 (new 2013) Depth Raider down temp unit Lowrance 4200 GPS (older unit but works great) 2 Fishlander electric riggers (big jon style) and in good shape Pair of Fishlander triple trees AM/FM/CD player Built in compass Raw water washdown Porti potti/holding tank Cabin cushions in new condition; extra insert never used Sink, never used 2 removeable rear jump seats, never used 2 batteries (2 years old) 2 bilge pumps Eisenglass enclosure (good condition) Cockpit travel cover (very good condition) Spare tire Under gunnel blue lumitec lights 4 holders/light on hard top Planner system Boat is out of storage, and viewable. Asking $34,750. John 716-785-3088
  8. Thanks. I think I have found a guy about a hour from my house that has one so I can go see it. Would save me $1200.....
  9. I'm purchasing a boat that I want to add one to. Looked at a couple of other companies that are much more pricey. Savings on this would be great, but just was trying to get a handle on quality etc. Not always easy to judge it by photos on web.
  10. Does anyone have experience with FishOnSPort arches out of Michigan? Thanks. John
  11. Can you tell me how old it is, and what model?
  12. My favorite has been the white blade with glow; or the green blade with glow. Check out Siggs Riggs for flies...they are pretty durable. The new Aqua Crackle was smoking for me this year.... John
  13. Had this a couple of weeks ago after the Con Club Derby in Dunkirk; have tried it on my own and its awesome.... Cut the thicker portion of the walleye fillets into chunks about the size of a good sized scallop. Take a piece of bacon...I used 1/2 a piece...and wrap that around the walleye and toothpick it. Spinkle with Old bay, or your favorite spice. Grill on low heat until the bacon gets crispy....better make a bunch 'cuz they are like walleye candy!
  14. Fished the first 2 hour or so with no bites in the 70 fow area. Moved out to 90 fow and it got much better. Ended up with 12 eyes, 2 lakers (released) and 1 steelhead. Easily dropped another 7-8 fish....guys slow on the rods today. Little bit of everything....5 color with a rainbow yo-zuri; watermelon harness and a stinger scorpion monkey puke on the little slides 200-210 back; 185 on the wire, yeck watermelon and watermelon harness. 10 color down the chute with a big hatchet blade. 60-70 rigs stinger purple parrot and gold watermelon and watermelon yeck. 1.7-1.8 at the ball. 9 degree temp break at 60 fow...very unusual for Erie.
  15. GLF....if you get any walleye....you gotta try it, it was awesome!
  16. Fished the 3rd Annual Conservation Club Walleye Tournament in Dunkirk Fri-Sun. 100 boat field, already 30+ boats on a waiting list to get in next year. Day 1-Friday Looked like it was going to roll again, so we decided to try a north-south troll. Goal was to hit the border eventually, unless we did some fish. Ended up 6/7 on the walleye, with 2 steelhead. Three fish weighed in at 17.97lbs, good enough for 13th out of 100 for day 1. Steelhead came on the rigs, 52 and 60 down on a stinger confusion and a stinger chicken wing. Walleye...4 on a 10 color, watermelon hatchet harness. 2 on the big slides..1 on an orange harness, the other on a DW ss chicken wing. 1 on the boards, little slide, 200 back. I felt pretty good about the fish I saw, and thought Day 2 would be ok. Day 2: 8/4 I had previously booked a charter for the morning, so you know what happened next.....we went 14/14 on the 'eyes..big box, including 1 10lber, and 2 9's, and probably another 3 over 8. One of the best boxes I've had in a long time. Awesome. 10 color with a big hatchet; 5 color with dave kabooms on the boards, wire big slides at 155 and 175 back...DW ckicken wing and harnesses, and little slides on the boards with harnesses. 1.6-1.8 at the ball. Went back in the afternoon with my derby crew, did 8 'eyes and 2 steelies in 2.5 hrs. No real size, but good eaters...same stuff as the am, plus 2 on a watermelon yeck off the 55 rigger. Slide a bit in the standings since we couldn't post the weight we had in the morning...but still in 28th out of 100..going into day 3. Day 3: 8/5 Loads slower today for everyone. Did 4 eyes early, then it died out. Mix...1 on wire 175 on 3 on a harness; 1 on a 52 rigger on a DW confusion; 1 on 5 color on a gold daves kaboom and 1 on a 200 little side, orange/copper harness. Weighed in just under 12 lbs...good enough for 20th place out of 100 teams. Would of, Could of's...... If we could have weighed in the Saturday morning box, we would have had the 2 largest 'eyes for the day, probably the 1st or 2nd heaviest box for the day, the 2 heaviest fish for the derby, and would have been in 2nd or 3rd overall..... I kind of had a feeling it would stack up that way! Food Club did a massive fish fry at the end. Deep fried, oven baked, and grilled walleye! Winner by far, though was a bacon wrapped walleye. Scallop size walleye nuggets, wrapped in bacon,toothpicked, and sprinkled with Old Bay. Put right on the grill until the bacon was crispy. Delicious! John
  17. Owner has reduced price to $32,000. Boat is in a slip in Dunkirk, NY and is available for on the water test. Owner is willing to discuss delivery as well. This is a very clean boat and would be a perfect upgrade for a charter boat or a larger fishing machine. You might even be able to convince the seller to take you walleye fishing!
  18. Lake was really rolling Friday (7/20)at 6 am, so we decided to go to work for a while..... ended up heading out at 2 pm. Did 8 'eyes and dropped a couple more. 80-100 fow from Dunkirk west to off Shorewood. 10 color with a big watermelon hatchet harness was good, also 65-75 riggers....couple on a copper confusion super slim DW; 1 on a purple dolphin stinger. Only 1 off the wire..200 back on 3, no ring (slide diver). Nice box... probably close to a 5lb average.... Went back Saturday morning to same spot....what a difference 11 hours makes! Down temp was 5-7 degrees colder, no fish on the graph....so searching we went... Ended up off Vanburen Point (west of Dunkirk) in 100 fow, so we decided to head north and did 5 eyes and a brown in a little over 45 minutes. Ended up with 9 walleye, 1 brown, 2/3 on steelies (around 7lbs) and 3 lakers, the biggest was pushing 20lbs... Little bit of everything again...10 color with large hatchet harness, stinger scorpion monkey puke; stinger chicken wing off the rigs; watermelon yeck off the big slides, 150-165 back on 3, and harnesses 175 and 225 back on the small slides off the boards. No one color hotter than the rest. Down speed was best 1.6-1.8 on the depth raider. Didn't fish Sunday, but based on some reports, took a ride out to the border Monday. Marked some good spots of bait/fish. Had to really work for them today. Went 8/10 on the walleye....dropped our best fish right behind the boat. Biggest boated was 28". Did a couple on the 10color...big hatchet...1 on the rig on a fishlander(silver with pink/purple/glow); the rest came off the big boards running slide divers...200-225 back on harnesses. 1.6-1.8 at the ball. Off now for a few days....
  19. Thank you for your interest. I posted those for Bud. He has a verbal commitment on these, and is supposed to close the deal later today. I will let you know if it doesn't go. John
  20. Did 7 'eyes on Tuesday, all but one in the 4-5lb range. From the sound of the vhf, that was a good as anyone.... 40 jets and little slide divers on 0 with harnesses off the big boards. No set harness color other than they were all hatchet blades. 125-130 back. Did 2 off the wire big slides, 75 back on a copper yeck spoon. 1.8-1.9 at the ball, 50-65 fow. John
  21. For sale: 3 cannon mag 10 electric riggers auto stop dual holders plus 1 extra adjustable boom Asking $150 each...or make reasonable offer. Call Bud 716-680-2375
  22. Boated 7 eyes, and dropped another 3-4 out of Dunkirk. Not 2 bad for 2 guys....No near legals, biggest was pushing 10lbs. 50-60 fow, west of Dunkirk. Best set was a slide diver off wire with a blk/silver jr. thunderstick 110 on 3.5. 1.8-2.0 at the ball. Took a few off dave's kabooms on core off the boards. Lots of white perch/silver bass and smallies in that water, so lots of action.
  23. Will be hitting the eastern basin for the first trip this weekend. From the reports I've gotten, the walleye bite seems to be starting. Should post Sunday, waves permitting...
  24. Nice job Tim....saw it on the pro-am results today! Only got up to Wilson a couple times due to work and putting up a pool (for the wife:grin: ). But the walleye bite has already started here...slow but early in my mind! John
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