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Well here is the first report.

Went 6-8 with in 3 hrs of trolling inside the break wall at 95th st. Set lines just after 7 am . The hot spoon was copper stinger monkey puke(scorpion) off a rigger set at 9 ft in 20ish fow. Speed was at 1.9-2.0 kts. That rigg took 3 fish. Also was hit a dr death,monkey puke,and wild thing(north point nailer,this spoon has out produce fish 3-1). 4 cohos and 2 small browns.The water temp was at 50 with simi clear waters.I went out with my son for few hours before we head down south for some striper action. Got home and took everything out of the boat for the trip south.


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95th is at the Illinois/Indiana boarder. Near the STATE LINE power house.

Inland Steel? Pastrick?

The southwest corner of the lake,you know the other side..Yeah thats it ....the other side LOL

As we speak all the lures are coming off the poles and rigging for "LIVE" bait for the annual "Rockfish/Striper" trip.Only 8 more rods to go!!!!!!!!

Here are some pic's for years past.........



Here is a instructional video for all you folks never seen it in action.This one is only 21 mb :D



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