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  1. What an awsome event yet again! Thank you goes out to Rich and the helpers who work to make this happen. Thanks to Dreamweaver, Big Jon and the Fish Dog guy's, it is sponsers like these that make it possible to continue having such events as this. I fished with Justin (thedude) and his buddy Steve. We left the dock at 4:15 and went threw the channel watching all the bait fish jump and holler HEY FISH RIGHT HERE! We didn't listen though and went through the piers and headed north. Got to Duck Lake and set lines right a 5:00 in 40 fow. Had our first fish in the net before daylight then picked away at the rest. The bite was fairly spread out the rest of the morning with only one double which we lost both of. We stayed between Duck Lake and the Montague pier and never went past 60 fow. Worked a few waypoints and managed to weigh 70.4 lbs of fish. We had a total of 8 fish and a few misses. Our best set up was the Mixed Veggies and the Lemon Ice (I think) on full core. Most of our fish came under 50 fow so the fish were right on the bottom. The water was so clear we were "Sight Fishing" as my crew mentioned! Thats right, in 50 fow you could easily see the botom! Thanks to my crew, you fellas did a great job! Thanks to all the participants, your money will be well spent and your food all tasted very good! Thanks to Rob for making us such a fine trophy! Matt, nice job on the second place! .8 is pretty darn close! Congrats to the rest of the winners, nice fish for the minnow crew at 20 lbs!
  2. So what I am hearing is Rich is a "Cat Trapper"? Must be a story there I have not heard!
  3. Nice fish Rich, I have been wondering how the river is looking.
  4. Push button that could be used with the same hand as the one used to send the rigger down. One hand operation! Then you could as mentioned just push the button to check depth, this would be a handy tool! Rick
  5. Makes no difference to me, I woll vote with the majority.
  6. Diawa SG47LCA's are the ones I use also. I am adding two more this season! Rick
  7. Hey mister, I only had one event with no fish! Thanks again to Caznik and the Trout Tracker, you boys did us another fine job all season! This group seems to have great continuity and class, I am privilaged to be a small part of it. See you all next year! Rick
  8. Rich The fog here has been way thick so far this week. I would expect it to stick around for the weekend too. With this in mind, I will most likely be launching from snug harbor to fish. I would rather not run the length of muskegon lake in pea soup at night. I will keep you posted on the conditions. Rick
  9. Here is the way I see it. The guy fishing in the harbor should not have been using boards. Common sence tells me it is not a good practice. Riggers and dipsy's in close to the boat would be exceptable. Given that, the slower or trolling boat should have the right of way, the passing boat has a better chance at anticipating the coarse of the troller and should respect his lack of manuverability. I hooked up with a passing boat this past weekend, we were both trolling the harbor. My dipsy hooked his rigger rod and the battle was on. I won with the fireline! Cut his line and passed by him to toss his plug to him. He appologized and I said "no problem, thats combat fishing". Really was no ones fault, it is going to happen when you put many trollers in a small area of water. Rick
  10. Place Weight Boat 1 210.10 Always On 2 209.90 Sheet Shooter 3 202.62 Spoon Fed 4 201.82 WoJoe 5 198.34 Waterdog 6 190.94 UngaBunga 7 189.60 Tale Chaser 8 189.16 Buck Fever 9 187.96 Betty Lou 10 187.70 Half Dozen 11 187.54 Plunger 12 185.50 Get Some 13 177.80 Lead Cutter 14 175.34 Ma-Jo-Ride 15 173.10 Bachelor 1 16 172.24 Happy Days 17 171.98 Tangled Mess 18 170.50 High Seas 19 168.06 Lethal Weapon 20 160.14 Reel Joy 21 155.20 Comp Time 22 149.16 Ratt's Pack 23 148.38 Bill Fish 24 146.88 Heavy Action 25 144.74 Classic Hits 26 143.58 Hop Aboard 27 142.72 4 Aces 28 142.40 Fit of Angler 29 140.46 Edge 30 140.38 Just Rite 31 127.46 Twilight Zone 32 123.04 Double Down 33 121.82 West Wind 34 119.90 Challe Mark 35 119.80 Likely Story - small fish 0.84# 36 118.66 Fin-attic 37 117.90 Brewster II 38 117.46 Hobo Jr. 39 113.02 Red Hawk 40 110.06 Strike Zone 41 108.02 Rip Runner 42 104.94 White Lies 43 102.86 Got-A-Bite 44 101.86 Deep Fry 45 98.76 The Boys 46 97.86 Low Budget 47 96.92 T Marie 48 96.86 Captain Jack 49 95.14 Wally's World 50 94.46 Jodi Lyn 51 93.68 Wicked Addiction 52 93.58 Red Stripe 53 90.54 Shameless 54 90.00 Partnership 55 85.76 Swamp Yankees 56 84.80 OK Fine 57 83.38 Little Hope 58 83.18 Bottom Feeder 59 79.78 Irie 60 78.58 Megan Anne 61 76.18 Persistence 62 75.38 Uneggspected 63 72.68 Drinking Rinken 64 68.76 Tangled 65 65.80 Terry Niebolt BLT 66 65.46 Moron - took big fish - 21.10# 67 62.20 Reel Work 68 61.68 Blue Fog 69 60.82 Reel Action 70 59.38 Poor Richard 71 54.81 Hopefull 72 53.58 Obsession 73 49.50 Little Beaver 74 49.28 Tenacious 75 44.06 Fly Time 76 43.42 Nate Nolstege 77 21.74 Bad Company 78 20.54 Memory Maker 79 19.68 Loose Cannon 80 17.02 Spanky 81 16.82 Hooked Up 82 0.00 Bite Me 83 0.00 Fish Magnet 84 0.00 Junkyard Dog 85 0.00 Mean Green 86 0.00 Oddesey 87 0.00 Sea Date 88 0.00 Sea Duck II 89 0.00 Small Wonder 90 0.00 Spoon Tang 91 0.00 Spoon Ful 92 0.00 Willie Coyote 93 0.00 Hit N Run 94 0.00 Unreal
  11. Stepping up to the responsability of such an unintended thing is good. I commend the man for his action and thanks for posting about it. There are still positive minded people around that make things easier for us. My assumption is that he was disstressed with the fact and therefore needed to make ammends. It is great to hear about the good things people do in bad situations! Rick
  12. Yes, very good event to fish! The fishing should be good most any port.
  13. Brian, I don't think you should need to appologize, you said what most everyone in the leauge feels. The only rule that should be mandatory is to have fun! Rich has done us a very good thing by bringing us the oppertunity to be involved in such a great thing with peoples that enjoy it as much as we do. I for one think we need to keep things simple, that way I can keep up! Rick
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