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Janet and I pushed off for the last run of the season last night.  God bless her patience when the trolling is slow - I am blessed.  She packs reading material which unfortunately came in handy.  We ran north of the Holland harbor entrance and found bait fish between 115-135FOW but could not get any takers.  Downriggers were below the temp break and the dipseys just above.  I decided to run inside of 100FOW at dusk which was a mistake.  No inside bait, no action on any line.  We did get a shaker on the long line which when I release it, made for magical gull swarm, perhaps 40+ from all directions, until the lucky guy/girl got its wind and decided not to be gull food.  Funny thing was that as I was bringing in the long line, I noticed the badge was 200' weighted steel and not the 300' line we had intended to put out but oh well.  Dock neighbor boated a nice king on 10 color lead at dusk in the 120FOW that we abandon.  This marks our last time out this year.  The fall weather has been so great this year (for a change) that it is a pity to haul the boat out.  Made plans for Oct to do other things so we will drop lines again next year.  Great season and best of luck to everyone still fishing.

Look forward to our banter in 2024.

Go Bills!  The fish got squished today :)


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Thanks for the reports.  Even a report of no fish is still a report and could be helpful to someone.

I also pulled my boat out this weekend and will now look forward to 2024, too.

Tight lines and hope to be chasing them again come April-ish.



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