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Saugatuck 9-10pm

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Got out in front of Saugatuck last night.  For after Labor Day there were an insane amount of boat traffic, but they stayed closer to shore and we had to head out a little bit to find colder water.  

First fish was a small, I mean small sheep on a magnum bloody nose Moonshine on a slide diver.  Just started to reset that crew yells "rigger" look over and it's still all hunkered over.  Then it takes off screaming.  Fish pops up and doubles back about 2' shy of the half core on that side thankfully, then goes all over, then at the boat, under the boat, in front of the boat, pretty much wherever it wanted.  Was more than amazed to net that without half the spread dragging behind it or cut off.  Silver #4 J on a one color SWR.

The nothing for an hour and a half, other rigger fires solid fish but without all the theatrics of the first one.  White 10" spinny 2' off the bottom.

Pulled the half cores to head in close, was choking up the lines pulling 50# braid into the reel on the prevously sheeped slide diver rod when it starts bucking in my hands.  Let go of that line as fast as I could.  Fish comes right to the boat which seems odd as it had a very broad tail for such a little fight, then 3' from the net it proceeds to take off towards Chicago.  I think that happened a couple of times before we finally got it netted.  GPS plot looked like a staggering drunk as I kept turning to keep the fish off the corner of the boat.

By then it was dark dark so we trolled up into the channel running out of marks as we did.

Way better than I expected.  Other than spring browns harbour patrol is my favourite time of the year.

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Tis the best time of year! Thanks for the detailed post. All this rain could enhance things perhap? Temps still on the higher end though. If I end up trying tonight in the rain then I'll let you know what we encounter...

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