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Holland 5/25 Evening 1 for 3

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Very slow 4pm -until sunset only having 2 knock offs.  As the sun hit the water we had a triple going but only landed 1

Dipsy Knock off:  Green Flasher/Green Fly 200 back in 150 FOW

Rigger Knock off:   Meat Rig 75 down in 165 FOW

Lost at boat:  Meat Rig 75 down in 105 FOW.  Guessing 8lb Coho as I could see it and the way it rolled and fought

Lost after 5 min fight:  Dipsy with Bloody Nose Dalmation Moonshine in 105 FOW 170' out 

Caught 18lb ????? king:  didn't weigh it cuz had crap laying everywhere in the floor of boat after 3 rods went off.   Green Moonshine spoon with black spots 65" down in 105 FOW

Great night with my wife.  Sunset was amazing.   Radio talk was hit/miss it sounded with a few reporting skunks, another with 2 for 3 and a few others with 1 or 2 only.   Guy reported 80 feet down the temp was 52 degrees and most boats were settled in the 110'-150 FOW.  Fair number of bait pods marked but only a rare fish mark for us.  


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