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Lund Tyee vs Lund Fisherman - Advice Needed


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Looking to buy a walleye/lake trout fishing boat and would like your input. I'm looking at a Lund 2075 Tyee Magnum and 2075 Lund Fisherman. I like these models due to the higher wall at the back as I do fish in Lake Superior which can get large waves. The question comes with the motors available, the Tyee can have a 250HP and the Fisherman max HP is 200HP. Will I sacrifice too much with the lower top speed in the Fisherman? I have to run 15 miles to get to the big lake. I will do probably 50/50 inland Lake/Lake Superior fishing. Thanks for your input!

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I don't think that would make a big difference. Try calling Lund and ask why they have different hp limits. Hull design or strength???

It is always better to have an overpowed boat than and underpowered boat.

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I have been tuning non-fishy boats for a long time and I would suggest buying a boat that does not have a totally painted bottom. An aluminum boat that is totally painted and with a modern outboard that has too much anode surface area will actually repel fish. I have helped too many guys with that exact scenario to be wrong. Your catch ratio will go down by 2/3 and you will mark less fish on your sounder. I have sold my voltage tuned lure business (Lurecharge) to one of my customers, but am staying on as technical advisor. This is an absolutely free service. Al  

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