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Fished north of the pier heads again, this time in just under 100 FOW - absolutely no boat traffic.  Two rips on a diver 55' down with a bloody nose spoon in 95FOW on a north troll not long after I set up the 3 lines.  Should have landed the first one but I was screwing around with my Drift Camera, resulting in no fish and no video.  Long trolling pause with no action, and I tried to get action.  Ran across a pod of bait in 83FOW up near PS.  Doubled back on that pod late in the evening and of course it moved.  Found it in 78FOW further north.  Then one by one, each of the three rods I had down fishing solo got bit.  The high diver retooled with an alewife spoon down 43' got hammered and boated a 12lb king.  The hook was buried and after much work I got that out then the meat rig went off.  It was a small fish so I released it.  As I am doing that worked out, the hand painted J-Plug is bouncing hard off the downrigger about 65' down.  Set the meat rig set-up on the floor, pull the live rod out and I am trying to work the rod without stepping on the other two on the floor, plus the net, plus a spoon and the meat rig set up.  Too much too fast, it was crazy.  I started to try to move stuff around with one hand, the fish ran towards the boat, I pulled the tip of the rod up quickly but . . . . . dreaded slack.  Well at least I didn't step on anything and break good gear.  And luckily I noticed the dipsey leader from the first catch broke in the fray, which is lucky cause I would have tossed it over the side thinking it was hooked up and good to go.  So there are benefits to loosing a fish.

Not the EPIC night from the posts earlier in the week but it finished with a bang.

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