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Went 2 for 3 plus a small coho that never tripped the downrigger when final lines were pulled.  Pushing off at 4:15am was not in the cards as there was barely a moon out and getting out of the slip and dock area was tough at about half past 5:00am do to the lack of light.  Set two dipseys 45-50' down with Moonshine glow Bloody Nose and Green Flounder.  The Bloody Nose got hit 6:26am in 103 FOW, 47' down on a SW troll almost straight out of the harbor producing ~ 10lb king.  The third rig, SWR with a glow Bloody Nose J-Plug got hit 30min later in 108 FOW, down 71' producing another 10lb king.  That one I sent back successfully.  I stayed on a north troll between 100-120 FOW through 10:00am swapping out the glow with some high dark spoons and alewife patters and a deep rigger (J Plugs and SD/white flies) but had not further action.  I did not run meat with a 11" paddle due to the strong current dragging lines around during the turns.  Turned west, headed out to 180FOW in search of SH.  Put foil type spoons down on the dipseys as the sun came out and immediately got a rip on a dipsey 50' down but could not keep it on.  And then nothing through 12:00 when lines were ripped.  Marked zero bait and very few fish.  Stayed just north and just south of the Holland harbor mouth hoping to find some staging kings but it was slim pickings.  Other than the strong undertow from the blow the previous day, the lake was great and bug free.

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