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Took the nieces and daughters out this morning. Wow! A little rough out there this morning. Set lines at 6am 100fow north northwest troll. Marks all over screen 35-50 ft.  Should have stayed in close. It took a while to get troll right and then the front pushed through and before we knew it we were in 200ft of water and 3 foot waves. 

Fish #1 Laker 6lb on high diver #3 150 out. White Slick/pickled sunshine. 150fow. Boated fish and we boogered up a couple lines.  We turned around when we hit 200fow and headed in the waves. Brutal!

Fish #2 16lb King high diver #3 155 out white blade green & block dots (glow) w/ novacaine salmon candy fly. 165fow

Fish #3 shaker Starboard rigger 60ft NBK spoon (released to grow bigger) 150fow

Fish #4 12lb King Port rigger 55ft down Shelly Snack spoon Mag. 140fow.

Fish #5 11lb King high diver #3 155 out white blade green & block dots (glow) w/ novacaine salmon candy fly again. 125fow

Fish # 6 inside Diver #1 110 out. Megatron flasher w/purple & white squid. Monster rip and took out a good 150ft on three great runs. Then gone. Poop! 110ish feet of water. 

Fish #7 5lb lakerLaker on high diver #3 130 out. White Slick/pickled sunshine. 80fow. 

Yanked lines and we head to pier head. It was a hard fish with 3 footers with occasiobal big roller and wind. Of course it laid down now that we are in.

Night fish will be nice tonight I think? 



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