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Fished solo, 6:47am-12pm. 80-170fow, 3 for 5. 14# king and two smaller Laketrout.
King came on Stb DR in 158fow, 2.2 sog, south troll, ball temp 47.8, down 60 with Bloody Nose spoon at 9:28am.
Others(laketrout) 8:48am 5lb and 10:12am 3lb came on Port DR, with big white flasher and bumble bee spin-n-glow in 162 fow following the bottom. Both had bladders expanded.IMG_20220710_105400.thumb.jpg.00e9e864e23b5a84c76fbbb4e88634a5.jpgIMG_20220710_132539.thumb.jpg.4f08d1657ccaf35fa23d972c769bbb9f.jpgIMG_20220710_134329.thumb.jpg.c8b21c2d6bb30435cdf4d5680c850274.jpg
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