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9 for 14

stayed in 126fow on a south troll the entire time

fished for about 2hrs until we reached Holland and sun had set

Bite was everywhere from 20 down (5color) to 75 down (Copper300)

Colorful spoons like doube OC went often

Lost just a pig of a chinook on Copper 200

Managed one of the bigger lakers we had seen in a while on copper 300

10color went 3 times for salmon

They ate up the dipsey spindoctor flies too

Such a calm beautiful night out there







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In the morning, the bite going north from Holland up to Port Sheldon was great but heading back south I found little interest in what I had in the water.  Thanks for sharing that Spin Doctors on dipseys were getting some action.  Tells me that fish were very aggressive.  Lot of boats are fishing 170+ FOW but in my opinion, the better bite is inside of 150 FOW.  Thanks for the report.

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