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Beautiful morning out on water. Fished south of pier head on south southwest troll. Wow did I find weird currents down below. Just when I thought I had current figured out... I didn't.  Took a newby out fishing for the first time that had never lake fished. First fish nice king on high diver at 105 setting 3 w/ mongolian beef rv. In 90 ft of water about 7:30am. Lost it at boat. Argh! 2nd fish on 10 color. Drove board under and it didn't release. That usually spells disaster and it did. Lost it too. Argh! 3 color went off in about 140ft of water. Pretty sure it was a coho on fireball spoon. Yep... lost it. My goodness one of those days. Ran out to 160ft of water. Then the fish finder went blank. Where did they go? Pulled lines and ran back. All I marked were lake trout on the bottom in 110 ft. Ran flasher whirly rigs on two down riggers and picked up two 6lber class right away. He caught his first fish. Released one and ate the other for dinner.

Fish seem to be in tight still. People were either in tight 30-50fow or out deeper in 120-160fow and further in the fog. I thought I would try something different and started deeper and fish were there early then went away by 10am. 

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