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Went out at around 4:30 this morning with plans of trolling inside the breakwall. I was fishing alone, so for simplicity I set two spoons on riggers and a two color leadcore with a firetiger bomber out the back. The spoons were a black/glow Silver Streak and a orange/glow Moonshine. Marked a lot of fish along the channel dropoffs and in the channel itself. Picked up an undersize pike about 7:00 am on the Silver Streak glow spoon. The riggers were set around 14'-17' down so I could troll 20 fow range. I moved them around a bit and took a couple laps outside the pier as far as 50 fow. Didn't mark much out there but did see one big hook on the screen 20' down in 32' fow. It was only my second time out since getting the boat unwrapped last week. I went to use the washdown hose and it didn't work. Opened the engine compartment to have a look and something was cracked and water was coming in pretty steady. Luckily the auto bilge pump was keeping up. I always make sure not to set a rigger 13' down or twist the line in the release 13 times. Didn't stop to think about the date. I'm not superstitious but why take a chance. Lol. Anyway, it was fun while it lasted. Boats back at the marina. Plan B for the weekend.


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