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Humminbird Solix Series Advice Please

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Greetings everyone, 

I am seriously looking a buying one or two 3rd generation units and would run using all the sonar options. If it is two units the large draws 2.8 Amps and the small draws 2.5 Amps. I understand that a 12 volt battery has to be dedicated to power one of these units.  But the question is can I also include the smaller unit with the same 12 volt battery or would there there be too much distortion or power loss?  In anticipation of a few questions I would mention that I would be running my dedicated 12 volt battery parallel from my 12 volt cranking battery with an isolator. And that the charging system of my 90 Honda and my 8hp Honda maintain my cranking battery.

The experience/expertise found in this forum is very helpful.  So I hope you all can help me in completing my exercise in due diligence.

Thanks again




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