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Holland 8/19PM and 8/21 AM

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Thursday fished 6-10pm

Ran northwest from port, setup in 160 on SSE troll.

Had very little action on the graph and no fishing action until we got a laker when pulling lines, flasher fly on bottom behind DR. Tried various speeds/angles, worked 160 in to 90 which is where we got laker.

Ran mostly greens and blues, targeting 60ish depth as that's where the temp was. Meat, plugs, FF, spoons, etc.

Very little success from others at the launch, a few folks fished similar depths.


Saturday 8/21 AM - setup SW of port in 90.

Good activity on graph around 30-40 down.

Ran a similar program to Thursday, starting higher and moving down as the sun came up.

Worked a few directions, mostly N or NE and no action so moved out to 160. Nothing going out there so trolled SE back in shallower and found in around 90 FOW was setup pretty good with big break from 55-65 moving from 60-48°. Had marks around 50 so dialed in some of the spread to hit that zone harder. Ended up 0/2 with 1 on 300CU blue/green meat rig and 1 on 350CU blue/green F/F. Both hits on a 0° troll, 2.8 at the ball. Hits came around 11 AM.

What didn't work... 250CU, 400CU, wire divers out 150-200, 10 color, 7 color, 3 color, riggers. Mostly FF or meat, but mixed in some spoons and plugs to keep them honest.

I feel like that cold water in 80-90 FOW is where I would hit all morning tomorrow if I was going. Fish seemed to not be too active though, maybe they fed all night with full moon.


Good luck anyone that gets out tomorrow, hope this helps. Haven't seen much of anything for reports lately out of Holland so I'm guessing it's just tough.


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