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Grand Traverse Bay in August

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I am going to the East Bay with my family for a week late August with a 19' Lund Tyee.  Can I fish the bay for Salmon and Lakers with Magnum Dipsys in the bay and get deep enough??  Not using Lead Core.  Any suggestions??  Thoughts on depths and would they be at a certain Temp or just below the Thermal?


Any thoughts would be appreciated

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Roger, the GT Bays are my home water. Yes, Dipsies will be fine. Make sure they are the magnum size and they have the ring. You may also want to use a snubber (your preference-I always do).

My first salmon last year from West Bay came on the 9th of August.

My first salmon last year from East Bay came on 28 August.

Lots of dipsy fish on flasher fly combos.

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Thanks!!  I assume you are down 80 to 100ft?   How far down the peninsula from down town will I have to go. 

My inside dipsies (low divers) are on a “1” setting, which gives you a 2:1 ratio. So 200’ of line out is 100’ down.

My outside dipsies are on a “3” setting which is a 2.5:1 ratio. So 200’ out is 80’ down.

West Bay launches are the Boardman River launch, Clinch Park, and Elmwood Township.

You can troll the Boardman hole from the Boardman Launch or from Clinch Park and both launches are within 500’ of the Boardman hole...and then, start up the Eastern side of West Bay. The Eastern shelf side of West Bay is within 1 mile of both launches.

From Elmwood Marina you can head out to the green can on the SW side of Power Island. That is a 3 mile run, but will get you out in a good salmon highway.

On East Bay, The Center Road launch on the West Side of East Bay in great water already. Head out to 100’ or more of water, and head north or south depending on the wind, and you are in the right spot.

Yuba Launch on the East side of East Bay gives quick access to Deepwater point (within a mile).

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Ended the night in West Bay with two Kings (13.5 and 18) and three lakers. Lost 2 more kings and 2 more lakers. So 5 in the boat on 8 hits.

We did not enter the Boardman hole because we had out a 9-line spread with a 300 cooper and a 10 and 7 color. It was too congested in there. We stayed out in the bay proper in 100-130’.

Good action. Salmon are snapping. You have another good 3 weeks or more.

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I did make it to the West Bay.  A number of boats around Boardman Hole.  Was on the water twice with no success.  one morning and one evening. Using Dipsys with Spin Doctor and flys.  Marked a lot of fish at 60 to 80.  Couldn't get anything to bite.  The only thing I can say is that I didn't see any nets win the water.

Ran out to west side of power island for a while too.

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Its been very tough with this weeks wind. From hard fishing since Wednesday (didn’t fish Thursday), we ended with 1 Coho and 3 Kings (multiple lakers and cisco, but I don’t count them).

I am down for a 500 hour maintenance on my motor (3 seasons) and two Downrigger cables and clutches. A foam cannon dueche of the boat as well. So it will be this coming weekend before I get back out.

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