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  1. Nice fish!!! What speed do you usually troll for kings and lake trout?
  2. Anyone ever used trolling plates on back of outboards, with trims fully down?
  3. I have a chance to pick up a 27' center counsel with twin 200's. Can you troll successfully in the Erie and Michigan and get the speed you need. I am not sure what the idle speed will be, but not 1.5 to 3.0 I bet. Any best practices that can be suggested. One engine and a sea anchor??? Other ideas?
  4. ThreeDogsDown How is the fishing going???
  5. Awesome!!!! Thanks for the info!!!!🐟
  6. Thanks!! I assume you are down 80 to 100ft? How far down the peninsula from down town will I have to go.
  7. I am going to the East Bay with my family for a week late August with a 19' Lund Tyee. Can I fish the bay for Salmon and Lakers with Magnum Dipsys in the bay and get deep enough?? Not using Lead Core. Any suggestions?? Thoughts on depths and would they be at a certain Temp or just below the Thermal? Any thoughts would be appreciated
  8. Heading to Harbor Springs mid August. No downrigger on my 19 foot Lund. Is it possible to go after Lakers and Salmon using Dipsy Divers? What depths would I need to get to? Any info would be appreciated. Usually fishing Walleye in Lake Erie and Detroit River
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