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Tiping charters and guides.

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Yet another good topic.

Looking to take a guided fishing trip with my brother. neither of us have done it before. What is the appropriate amount to tip a guide who does a good job, standard 20%?



Fishing is unlike any other job or service. But like other services, it can be easy to very hard. Guides and charter captains simply have a license and not a diploma guaranteeing their knowledge and expertise. We often looks like fishing Gods on Monday and fishing bums on Tuesday. Some do take the job more seriously then others and can actually spoil the fun they are trying to deliver because of it. I've caught myself doing that several times on tough days.

I've guided/chartered for 22 years now and I agree with Reel Man. The fees for my services have always been set to cover my expenses and services. Counting on a tip as part of that gratuity could create bad feelings and would be a bad policy for any guide/charter to count on. And some people simply cannot afford to tip after the initial fee, hotels and travel expenses they've already laid out.

With that said, I'll say I never refused a tip. With some being as much as 50% of my fee. But here's the fly in the ointment when expecting a tip.

I've taken people out and caught them their limit in short order. Had a ball laughing, telling jokes and slapping each other on the backs all day long. Come back to the launch, clean and bag their fish and received only a hand shake, another slap on the back and a wave good bye, never to see them again.

Take another group the next day, try my best to get then some fish. End up skunking them out, but receive a big tip with a promise to come back again the next year.

All people are different. All have different incomes. I've had some of the same clients for 20 years. Different people expect different things when paying for a fishing trip. Some first timers don't know what to expect. Some have personalities and habits I don't care for. I have habits and a personality you might not care for. I will however always do my best to show, teach and catch you some fish, no matter where our future relationship is headed. If you feel that warrants a tip I'll accept it. If it does not, you still have my thanks for the day and I'll never think any less of you. Capt. Dan.

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